How to Support Content Creators for Free on LBRY, Hive, Publish0x, and Uptrennd

How to Support Content Creators for Free on LBRY, Hive, Publish0x, and Uptrennd

By TheDesertLynx | Digital Cash Network | 18 Jul 2020

Hey everyone, I’m doing this quick video to show you how you, as a content consumer, can support independent creators on LBRY, Hive, Publish0x, and Uptrennd, without spending a dime of your own money.

No, I'm not just showing you how to throw me some more money, although you can definitely do that. I'm just doing my part to get more people involved in these incentivized platforms so it feeds the growth of the whole crypto content ecosystem and takes power away from established publications and gives it to citizen journalists and independent creators.

Now let's get started.



First is Publish0x, a crypto blogging platform. The platform receives pools of tips from other projects such as Basic Attention Token, Loopring, and the DAI stablecoin. Registered users read articles from approved contributors and tip from this pool, at no cost to the tipper, who can also receive some of the tip themselves as a reward for participating.

To sign up, go to, click on sign up, and follow the instructions to create an account. One approved, you can tip authors by scrolling to the bottom of the article, pressing the tip button, and choosing on the sliding scale how much of the tip you want to keep. Note that you can't tip if you have a VPN active at the time. Also, in order to prevent the system from being gamed, you're limited in how often you can tip, how many times you can tip a specific author in a given time period, and how much you can tip a specific article, so make sure you spread your tips out throughout the day and have a few different authors in mind to tip, as well as a few different articles per person.



Next is Uptrennd. This site works similar to Reddit with threaded posts and upvotes and downvotes, except upvotes are incentivized through the 1UP token, which can be cashed out or be used to level up the user, which amplifies the points you get for receiving upvotes the higher your level is. To to (with two Ns), click "sign up" and follow the instructions to create an account. Then, you can upvote posts to increase their visibility and points. Note that you can also upvote comments.



Next we have Hive, a fork of Steem, which works through upvoting posts to distribute Hive tokens to the author. The economics of this system are more complicated than can be explained in this video, but suffice to say, upvotes pay the author. You have to sign up through an external service, such as Esteem, and then you'll have a username and a few private keys to sign into Hive-based platforms. However, if you've used Steemit in the past, you can use your Steem username and private keys to log right into Hive: you already have an account.



Finally, there's LBRY. The LBRY protocol itself doesn't reward content creators, and instead lets users send them tips from their own tokens, but LBRY Inc., the developing company, does have a fund of tokens to incentivize new users and creators. The signup process is a little more complicated though, and includes a verification process, which can take some time or ask for some verification credentials. Once you're verified though, you can get a few free tokens for watching videos and subscribing to channels, and, most importantly, when you view creator videos those count towards their verified views and result in them getting paid more. If you want to join LBRY, you can use my code to get me a few credits.

And that's it. Join these platforms and start reading and contributing to creators. It won't cost you anything but time, but can really help empower independent journalists and creators. Happy tipping!


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Thanks to my recurring donors Kingsley Edwards and Colin!

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