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DigiFinex Announces Strategic Partnership with Utter Algo, Providing Its Users Filecoin Cloud Mining capability

14 May 2021 1 minute read 0 comments DigiFinex

According to the official announcement, DigiFinex has reached a strategic partnership with m.pool.top, a subsidiary of Utter Algo. DigiFinex will provide its users with Filecoin Cloud Computing Power Mining services through m.pool.top to help users a...

Chia Network(XCH) deposit and withdrawal now supported on DigiFinex

8 May 2021 1 minute read 4 comments DigiFinex

As reported by DigiFinex Official Announcement, DigiFinex has now enabled the Deposit and Withdrawal Service of Chia Network (XCH). On 10:00 (GMT+8) on Apr 30, 2021, DigiFinex has listed Chia Network (XCH) and opened the trading of XCH/USDT pair.   A...

Why did Dogecoin collapse last week? What is this project that skyrocketed 200 times in 2021?

30 Apr 2021 4 minute read 7 comments DigiFinex

1. DogeCoin Craze “Time flies when you’re in crypto.” This couldn’t be more accurate to describe how Dogecoin’s timeline has been. The crypto market started the strongest rally so far in this bull run since April 12nd, two days before Coinbase was Li...

Polkadot, the King of Cross-chain Explained

27 Apr 2021 5 minute read 17 comments DigiFinex

1.What is Polkadot? Polkadot, a "heterogeneous blockchain" founded by Gavin Wood, former CTO of Ethereum, is an impeccable blockchain project that is perfect in every sense. Its founder, Gavin Wood, is the author of the Ethereum White Paper and the...

Fil Mooned Right Away After I Sold It. Am I One of the Weak Hands?

2 Apr 2021 4 minute read 2 comments DigiFinex

“Fil mooned right away after I sold it. I am the weakest hand in the crypto world.” said one of my friend who has been trading cryptocurrency for many years. He is a user during the public sale and bought FIL at the price of $2. After the FIL is unlo...

What is EIP-1559? How will it affect everyday users? Will it Pump Up ETH Price?

25 Mar 2021 4 minute read 1 comment DigiFinex

I. What is EIP-1559?  Ethereum (ETH) is believed to be the greatest invention in the cryptocurrency world after bitcoin. Since its appearance, it has driven the crypto realm into mania twice - ICO in 2017 and DeFi in 2020, and this craze has seen no...

How Can Everyday Investors Profit from NFT?

5 Mar 2021 6 minute read 11 comments DigiFinex

Is NFT a good investment? How can everyday investors profit from NFT? 1. What is NFT?  In the framework of modern finance, we have seen a lot of money being printed out of thin air. The Federal Reserve holds power to set the price of global oil, turn...

Ethereum Explained

3 Mar 2021 2 minute read 2 comments DigiFinex

Ether (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in market capitalization, is backed by its blockchain-based software platform, Ethereum. Ethereum, like other cryptocurrencies, can be used to send and receive value internationally...

To Tackle Covid-19 Economy Impact, Thailand to Establish a Crypto-Friendly Touristic Hotspot

1 Mar 2021 2 minute read 2 comments DigiFinex

March 01, 2021 Thailand to Establish a Crypto-Friendly Touristic Hotspot Russia Advanced Bill to Recognize Cryptocurrencies as Property  177-year-old Swiss Bank Enabled Cryptocurrencies Trading Within its Services Microstrategy Buys $1 Billion More...

DigiFinex and Blucon Establish Strategic Partnership for First Ever UnionPay Cryptocurrency Debit Card

26 Feb 2021 1 minute read 0 comments DigiFinex

Singapore — 26 February 2021 - In partnership with Blucon, an integrated global payment platform, DigiFinex, a world-leading digital assets trading platform, will be issuing the first-ever UnionPay Cryptocurrency Debit Card, available for application...