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By diego de lima | Diego1306 | 16 Aug 2020

  • Very good day for all crypto lovers
    Especially those who share their knowledge across communities.
    recovery is a process. you just have to start..png

I'm a young enthusiast taking his first steps into the world of blockchains and crypto-money... Where currently I still do not perform large operations in the market because I consider that I am still in a stage of training.

Without further delay I start the post:

Writing or Investing ?

  • In the short run I have the unknown overwhelms me.
    In most cases there is a tendency to create debates when this topic is touched upon, between users and content creators in that exchange of opinions where both options are acceptable.

In my personal opinion : For those new users who are looking to go deeper into this professionalism of writing or investment there are certain points that we must take into account before, during and after such actions .


  • Concept: it is a very wide concept and at the same time very concrete. ... Some define trading as the art of trading and/or speculating in the financial markets with the aim of obtaining returns. It involves buying and selling a financial product quoted in the short term.

Pro Contra With the right tools and preparation you can become a great investor. If you try to trade roughly and unprincipled the market will consume you almost immediately, driving you to bankruptcy. We find in some cases that financial freedom that gives us comfort. We must have a mutual fund that does not affect our capital (money we are willing to lose) And it is no secret to anyone... Many people may not have a lot of capital. Editorial office

concept : Editing is a form of editing in which multiple sources of text are combined (edited) and slightly modified to create a single document. Often, this is a method of compiling a series of writings on a similar topic and creating a definitive and coherent work.

I enjoy creating content, enriching and entertaining my loyal readers... But let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of non-professional writing. Where we are not dependent on a salary but on the incentive collected from each work produced.

Pro Contra The content created can be very well rewarded, even without capturing the attention of many users in some cases Constancy and innovation are necessary if you are looking for rewards (if you are only passionate about writing ,you can continue with the same method of work  

Recommendation: you can choose any of the 2 options in which you are better off ... if you want to realize and become a great investor and your fund is not enough to start, you can try the wording and if you manage your finances correctly. You'll be trading in less than a minute!

Thank you very much for paying attention to this micro post is my first writing in this community... I hope you like it 😁

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