CRYPTOS THROUGH A POOR MAN'S EYE "cryptocurrencies you should investing In" PART 1

Most of us that are from the 3rd world countries would definitely understand How hard it is to invest in cryptos, This is not just about the prices of these major cryptos but also the fear of loosing money after investing it, because sincerely speaking the value of 1UsD to our local currency is too high, and working isn't easy too in some of these various 3rd world countries.

2021 started with a bullish run for most of the major cryptos (BTC, ETH etc) , and now to buy just a unit of these coin is so outrageous, most of us have to some extent given up on these coins.

Also Some of the coins in our possession either lost It's value (XRP, WXZCOIN) , while some coins now have hiked gas fees making it virtually impossible to transact with them, considering the unit of these cryptos we have in respect to the gas fee.

In this article I will list various coins that an average man From the 3rd world country can invest in, these coin have great bullish potentials.

Now the question is which cryptocurrency can an average man/poor msn invest in???

In this article I will try as much as possible to list and short notes on some of the cryptos, I think are good for investment.

1. DASH 

Topping the list is Dash, a crypto that has been stable for some time now, Dash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that runs on the Bitcoin protocol (A fork coin from BTC).
Dash have the following features: 



-Highly secured synchronizing wallet.

-Masternodes (A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) run by a subset of its users),

-Decentralized autonomous Government,

NB: Following the release of the new Dash platform, Dash team has been able to introduce the use of USERNAMES instead if those boring Long Alphanumeric-symbolic addresses.

Dash price stats

Market Cap: $1,327,028,195 📈
Volume: $1,385,774,077
DASGH-USD: $133.28 (+2.80%)
DASH-BTC: ฿0.00367540 (-3.41%)
BTC dominance: 68.70%

Dash has been seen to have maintained a steady price range (quite stable) for quite sometime now, and with the release of the Dash platform early this year, I think is just a matter of time before users experience a rocketing bull run.

On 11th of January Dash was also seen to have gained more than 100% rise (from $92 - $194).
I think having any Unit from 0.1 to 1Dash Is not a bad investment.

Visit for more info.




Litecoin "aka Digital silver" was built using Bitcoin’s core code and seeks to be a more convenient way of making payments involving smaller amounts of money.

As such, Litecoin transactions are faster than Bitcoin’s and it cost less to send.

Lite coin although have seen some bearish. movement in the past,it still have a brighter future ahead,it is infact considered the next-generation Bitcoin.
Litecoin is one of the most important assets in the crypto space due to its role as a testbed for new Bitcoin upgrades and additions.


Litecoin Price stats

Litecoin Price $146.15 ( As of the time of writing this article)
Trading Volume 24h : $7,946,719,553.76
Market Dominance 0.96%
Market Rank #6
Litecoin Market Cap: $9,671,458,679.71
Fully Diluted Market Cap : $12,263,490,849.81

Website :






BNB crypto is an altcoin token approved by the Binance exchange as a means of exchange on Binance platform, BNB allows it's crypto holders to pay fees on Binance at discounted rates.

BNB coin was lunched In July 2017, Binance coin originally was based on the ERC20 standard, utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and network protocol . (I.e the token follows the same rules and protocols set down by the Ethereum community), but In April 2019 Binance coin was moved to its own Binance mainnet (this blockchain transfers a digital currency from a sender to a recipient).

The native Binance coin was called BEP-2 Token.

BNB coin has great potential and it's also one of the coins that may experience a bullish explosion

Binance coin stats

Binance Coin Price $40.73 (at the time of writing this article)
Market Rank #11
Binance Coin Market Cap : $5,799,916,488.54
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $7,092,868,141.50
Website :




Polkadot is a new coin with an affordable price as if now ($11.46 as of the time of writing this article) .

It was released on August 2020. However, after the initial surge, which took it from $3 to $7, the coin saw a pullback to $4. Since then, it traded sideways for months, with only slight fluctuations (stable coin).

On 25 December 2020, Polkadot (DOT) surged up reaching as high as $10 by January 10. Sincethen, DOT also participated in a price correction which took it down to $8 but has since started a
recovery which brought it back to $11.46 at the time of writing this article.
Polkadot stats

Polkadot Price Today
Polkadot Price $11.46
Market Dominance 1.03%
Market Rank #5
Polkadot Market Cap $10,282,240,322.51
Website :




Chainlink (LINK) is an Ethereum token that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network, Chainlink's decentralized oracle network provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

It is also the most widely used oracle to power blockchain. The future is bright for chainlink and it will surely see more bullish days ahead.

NB: Investing in chainlink is not like other cryptocurrency, In chainlink Instead of staking, users have to launch their own node to receive rewards in LINK tokens — this is the only way to generate revenue in Chainlink.

Many big industries like:





Celsius etc..

make use of chainlink.
The price of chainlink as of the time of writing this article is $17.07.

Chainlink stats

Chainlink Price $17.07
Market Dominance 0.66%
Market Rank #9
Chainlink Market Cap
Market Cap $6,836,293,796.94
Fully Diluted Market Cap $17,068,990,457.57
Website :





The next coin on our list is Tron with a Market Cap $2,162,388,515.66.

TRON is a decentralized digital content sharing platform intending to interrupt the trillion-dollar entertainment industry.

Tron although with a low price of $0.03 ( as of the time of writing this article), have proven to be a bonified member in the crypto space,.
Tron is one of the must have cryptos of the 21st century..

TRX Price Statistics

TRON Price Today
TRON Price $0.03050 as of the time of writing this article
Market Dominance 0.22%
Market Rank #17
TRON Market Cap( $2,162,388,515.66


Conclusion : There are many other cryptocurrencies with great potentials, The world of cryptos have taken a tremendous bold step, now The world crypto Is now like food in people's mouths.
The CRYPTO world is evolving and the good thing is that both the rich and poor can partake in this great movement.
Apart from the major cryptos whose prices have skyrocketed there are many other cryptocurrency to invest in.

Disclaimer : This is not a business advice,but rather my own personal perspective based on the information I have. I still stand to be corrected /updated.
Investing In cryptos can be beneficial or Dangerous, therefore I advise that you make use of money that you can afford to spare.


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