The Adherist Prophet

By Dibbler | Dibblers Tales | 20 Apr 2021

This is the tale of the prophet Jackariah PRAISE HIM!

the very first Adherist, they all called him a liar PRAISE HIM

humble and fearless he now spreads the word PRAISE HIM

that signs hold all knowledge and must be observed PRAISE HIM


Now Jack PRAISE HIM was a lowly hobo

whos life on the streets was ever so low

a mean existence, scrounging for cash

his meals made up of discarded trash.

Till Jack PRAISE HIM one day saw a sign

that saved him and raised him above the breadline

it simply said APPLY WITHIN

and so Jack PRAISE HIM went in on a whim!

and when he walked out, lo and behold

he had a new job and was paid in GOLD!

This was the first of Adherist miracles

with cctv data its empiracal

proven, documented, undeniable

the only religion to be reliable.

Still Jack PRAISE HIM thought it coincidence

until there was another miraculous incident.


This is the tale of the prophet Jackariah PRAISE HIM

raised from a hobo to something much higher PRAISE HIM

wealthy yet humble, he began to see PRAISE HIM

the value of signs and deemed them holy PRAISE HIM


So Jack PRAISE HIM now upper middle class

living a rich life, starting to get FAT

was walking to the shop where he sold his wares

and saw a sign said stop, another read beware

and Jack PRAISE HIM thinking of the time

he got his well paid job by listening to the sign

decided to heed the words that he had read

a good thing indeed or he would have been dead

an explosion rocked the street just as he turned around

peering through the smoke his shop had been burned down

then Jack PRAISE HIM realized the truth

the signs had given warning- here was the proof

they must have been placed there to help and to guide

some power out there did not want him to die

so Jack PRAISE HIM decided in return

he would spread the good word so others would learn.


This is the tale of the prophet Jackariah PRAISE HIM

and how he became the worlds best bargain buyer PRAISE HIM

he decided the best way for him to show his thanks PRAISE HIM

was to see every sign and follow their commands PRAISE HIM


Now Jack PRAISE HIM went on a pilgrimage

to follow to the letter all the worlds signage

spreading the good word everywhere he goes

no longer wealthy, enlightening seeds he sows

and when Jack PRAISE HIM needs to make some cash

a sign shows him just where to renew his stash

before he travels onward following the signs

planting Adherist seeds in hundreds of new minds.


So remember the teachings of our prophet Jack PRAISE HIM

follow buy one get one free and you can get two CATS PRAISE HIM

follow stop and beware and you can cheat your death PRAISE HIM

follow dont do drugs you wont get hooked on meth PRAISE HIM

follow mind the gap you wont trip and get hurt PRAISE HIM

follow apply now you wont live in the dirt PRAISE HIM

follow order now you wont even have to shop PRAISE HIM

so follow them like Jack and never ever stop PRAISE HIM!

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