He's coming for us....


By Dibbler | Dibblers Tales | 20 Apr 2021

A fearsome day, the parsnips rose,

abandoning fields and cozy furrows;

long the lay, biding their time

outstanding yields in winters prime.


Vengeance unleashed on all who ate

in times of peace their parsnippy bait

in squads they marched in winters heart

protesting to demand a fresh start

Inciting riots, filling the streets

with carrots, corn and hard line beets

with typical scorn it was dismissed

a political storm like never witnessed

before by humans building momentum

a long overdue vegetable addendum

bestowing on all kinds of edible plants

a growing list of incredible grants

to vote to read, to study and write

to sow their seeds wherever they might

to work and be free to pursue the sunlight

let no man impede their new found rights.


Beware the parsnips, their lust for control

prepare for their rule, ahead in the polls

the vegetable vote enough to swing

a whole election, a landslide win


year after year they increased in power

extended their reach to include each flower

towering beech and windswept pine

cowering shrub and gnarled vine

recruited to keep the humans in line

who disputed the rights of all plant kind


Downtrodden and lost, humans wailed

with billions of votes the veggies prevailed

when faced with their logic intellectuals quailed

as they covered the world in a chlorophyll veil.

last nail in our coffin the boffins set sail,

free at sea to plot an end to this horrible tale


Beware the parnsips, their lust for control

prepare for their rule, ahead in the polls

the vegetable vote enough to swing

the whole election, a landslide win


After barely escaping a coconut fleet

the boffins returned from their salty retreat

a plan set in motion, nearly complete;

to eat and to dine on all vegetable kind

and leaving behind at the scene of each crime 

a sign that a parsnip had done the grave deed

and was feeding on veggies not of their own creed

Parnsips Undermined, Intellectuals Most Pleased.



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