Used the entire bottle

Day 14. Mixed Melatonin with Baking Soda.

Last night I mixed baking soda with 250mg of melatonin (the entire 10mg bottle) and snorted it so I could come down from my high and sleep. I slept well. Or at least I thought I did, it seems like a blur. I have vague memories of me doing things, all of them involve my car, but I can't distinguish if they were dreams or reality. One of those memories was of me driving my car late at night around the city while listening to Mozart, but backwards. Because of the baking soda, my cartoon thoughts interpret it differently. It was blasting too, I have surround sound built into my car so it sounds very loud and in this memory it sounded extra loud. At one point I stopped at a bar and was parked right in front of the entrance. It must have been causing a ruckus because the bar owner came out and told me "Get out of here," I yelled at him in my cartoon language, made an exaggerated sad face, turned the volume to 100 and sped off. 

Another memory was driving through a Goodwill depot at midnight to ask the workers there if they could give me some old VHS tapes of "Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska." At first they said that they were closed, but I insisted. When they came back to me and said they didn't have any, I remember bursting out in tears in a loud sob and kept looking in my rear mirror as if something was chasing me. At this point, the workers had stepped back from the car and had started filming my breakdown. I could tell because they had their phone pointed toward me and the flash was on the whole time. I don't remember much after this. 

I remember speeding past a Jehovah's Witness building and at the last second noticing people gathered inside. When I noticed this, I hit my brakes super hard so it made a long and loud screech, did a U-Turn, and pulled into the parking lot on the far side where I parked my car facing the window where I saw the people in side congregating. I was turning my high beams on and off to simulate Morse code, it kept lighting up the entire group. I was trying to communicate that I had a headache and that my car was making weird noises and needed help. But as soon as someone stood up to come outside, I had freaked out and sped off, hitting my right side of the car when I drove out. 

When I awoke this morning, I walked outside and looked at my car and saw a huge mark on the right side but thought nothing of it. Now writing this I am starting to wonder if that was a coincidence... or??



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Diary Entry's 1-70 of 4 Dimension Cerebrality

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