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Stalking the ifarm price and other oddities

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 8 Apr 2021

I became excited about the idea I could be getting ifarm tokens.  You would think the $2.00 limit on farm and $5 on other coins would discourage things a bit.  The truth of the matter is that once you reach half of that you are dealing with capital gains and waiting if you are on the right side of the market.

At $1 it would take a 100% capital gain to reach it at $1.50 maybe it takes around 33%.  Two cents on the dollar is two percent on the half dollar is four percent so it's mainly about wating.

Once you have the two dollars you have two dollars that takes over ten dollars to move.  It's clear the waiting has just begun while you listen to alot of complainers about etherium.  You will be getting profit share on a major defi token while you wait though.

There is always that chance of getting your etherium by winning or even the possibility that they could promote something that competes by lowering the withdrawal amounts.  I suppect eth will go up while we wait for the replacement.

Looping is another one that exsists because of high gas prices.  My little 50 cent withdrawals are now priced at $10 not worth removing for the time being but interesting as a free speculation.  There could even be some value with lower gas prices.  Hydro has a fake price from one of the exchanges so it priced at around $50 exciting until I looked into it.

The less speculative stuff has been effected as well dai precursor sai makes $1 priced at 8 not very likely.  I was smart and started to deposit it to defi.  We were getting bat and I moved alot of it to defi while the cost was reasonable.  It was truly amazing that I ended up with $50 of with without paying for it.  I was excited about winning a recent contest and put it into defi with the rest.  I am hoping for some economy of scale.  Over time the coins and the strategy has evolved with some speculative for long term speculation and some large cap for whatever doomsday event.  I even ended up with some dogecoin that I found a way to be able to sell in an emergency.

tI should be clear that the big gains are if there are any in defi could very well be on other chains.  The hacks will be there also.  $100 is enough to get ten grand on a 100x so it doesn't really need to be an outsized amount.  Having a few eth tokens waiting for gas prices to down is an interesting speculation concept and some of them could possibly to multi chain.  If you sign up with my linked article we both can get some crypto from tipping.  Happy speculating.


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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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