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My first look at upland

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 19 Feb 2021


I noticed the upland writing contest and decided to give upland a try.  Upland though the link sent me to the app store on my phone and didn't give me the full 6k tokens.  It's no big deal something for nothing right.

Upland is running on the eos network when it stores things on the block chain.  Does that matter to the player??  No not really unless you are an eos enthusiast.  An eos wallet isn't needed in fact promoting eos probably just confuses thing.  The native token isn't tradable on an exchange.  That are claiming they are avoiding sec problems with the token that way.

Maybe there is an element of virtual property speculation.  The game claims these may be tradable in the future.  My thought is the sec's view on that in the u.s. is sorta murky.  

You start the game with a bunch of their tokens and then buy properties.  You get rent on the properties but not all that much.  You just move across the board with a line attached to you unless you go to a particular property and pay their rent.  You get some participatation bonus and a bigger login bonus.  You can be deleted for 10 days of non activity.  There is some open the treasure chest for bonus but it seems like it is recharging all the time.

That's about it you can pay money to get tokens I suppose.  They are still adding game play so there will be more features to come.

One important thing to remember you are on a 7 day passport unless you have 10k in assets.  You can go to profile and renew your passport for free otherwise all your stuff will be gone.



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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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