My experience with tron

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 31 Aug 2020

I recently went into Tron with a very small part of my portfolio around .1 percentage point.  I am up around 40 to 50 percentage points but to be honest I could probably throw darts at the wall and make money.


We probably all know the flaws of Tron.  It is mainly a gambling block chain with some us dollars on it.  Most likely somewhat influenced by the Chinese government.  I expect that defi will come to Tron eventually in a big way.  The jst token that I didn't take seriously just did a 10x so there are probably other defi type coins to follow.


Seed is another token that could have alot of merrit.  They are backed mostly by Tron tokens and are expanding into other coins.  The token they have can jump to other block chains so that means they can jump other coins across blockchains and grab the cheapest transaction or possibly bypass congestion issues or Chinese government control.  You have an underlying business that could generate some value in the future.


My goal with Tron right now is just maintain the small position in that and seed.  Keep the jst airdrops and sell the win token airdrop.  I figure if I just wait the defi token will just show up at some point otherwise it is just some apocalypse cash.



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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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