Bigcap and speculation #ShowYourPortfolio

By edexter | Dexter's finance musings | 6 Jul 2019

I received my largecap potfolio from five sources.  An original Bitcoin purchase at 2,000, spinoffs from that purchase, Bitcoin earn.  A purchase of ada by selling a free coin I got.  Selling kucoin airdrops for litecoin.

I followed Bitcoin a long time before I purchased I reasened that since I was getting Bitcoin rebates also that it was in my favor.

I bought Ada because the person running it talked a good game we will see if that was wise.

I bought litecoin because it was easy to move.  I was impressed enough with the speed of it.

My major small cap counseling are the result of free coins as well.

Bounty0x is of course from this site hopefully the bounty0x site works with trust wallet soon.

Aidus was a free coin that looks like it will keep it's value.

Yup coins are ones that I have been receiving that represent ownership of the website.  I have accumulated around 10% of what is required for a dividend while I do microtasks.

If you have a 100% capital gain remember to take some off the table.  Stable coins look like they have very nice yields but there is some risk to doing that.  These are just my thoughts not investment advice and the numbers in the blockfolio thing are fake.  Like many I have alot of coins that may never have value.

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Dexter's finance musings
Dexter's finance musings

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