My first Narrative Niche

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 1 Sep 2019

Yesterday I bought my first niche, after three months on the platform I would say that was the right time! I purchased Scorum niche.



We have an interesting project in this regard with Scorum-Italia Witness that will be implemented soon, on Narrative but not only! Buying niches can be profitable but even the opposite, if you buy a niche that will be used by many users you could receive good rewards, so you have to pay attention to your purchases.
The Scorum niche was certainly a risky but I really hope that thanks to the project that we have in mind as
 Italia-Witness we will be able to organize some interesting initiative that involves both platforms users.

I missed the eBay-style auctions, let's say that mine was not really exciting, I was the only one to make an offer, I wanted to propose the niche first to put a description a better than inly "Scorum  news ", but it was already on the list and therefore I could not do it, I hope to be able to do it later because there is still a piece to complete the work.

The payment will be the icing on the cake, I will do it with the NRVEs I earned in these two months with my articles, the crypto in the site related is NEO, but I have to wait two days because after downloading the NEON wallet and adding my public address I must wait 48 hours for security reasons.  Stay tuned because soon the project will be active and if all goes well we could see some good ones!

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