Everything is im-possible
Everything is im-possible

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Jamaica, January 21, 1986, in a small hospital of Albert Town, the athletics national promise was born, is name was dexpartacus.

The nation is going through a dark period in terms of sporting satisfactions, the 80s were very hard, the little Dex, according to his mother, was already kicking a lot even before he was born when was wrapped in the placenta.

A few years later he participated in his first official race, it was 1996, February 16th, the little phenomenon managed to do something never seen before, despite his short legs as a boy did something extraordinary, no one had ever managed to do something like this at that age: 12.93 seconds in the 100 meters.

From there started his rise, sponsors, coaches, sports associations all in search of the child prodigy. Dex could be the new rising star of Jamaican track and field. In those years, however, there was another child who could almost stand up to him, a certain Usain Bolt, although he always arrived a few seconds late.

The story tells how in 2001 Bolt won his first medal coming 2º on the 200 meters in the school championship, guess who came first!?

Exactly! The magical Dex, to the CARIFTA Games of the same year Bolt got two silver medals at 200 and 400 meters, and even here the answer to the question of who won the golden one is obvious.

This challenge went on for years, races after races, national titles won by the first, always followed by the small Usain, eternal second. However, a terrible date arrived, October 15, 2003, when something incredible happened, a huge shock for the whole nation and world.

It was the first international race for Dex, by now already very famous at home, at the World Championships students of Debrecen (Hungary), naturally together with his partner Usain, the two were the favorites as always for the final victory of 200 meters, with this race they could finally make the great jump being able to bring up the name of their nation.

At the stadium everything is ready, the fans are already delirious despite the young age of the two boys are already full of followers, the starter shoots the fateful gunshot, and here are the two departing, but at that precise moment the misdeed happened:

No sprint for Dex, a normal walk to the finish line, Usain won the race, in general astonishment.

Thousands incredulous people, the media ready to find out what happened, arrived shortly afterwards at the microphones Dex declared:

I can no longer run, I worked hard but I can't take it anymore, I suddenly forgot how to do it.

From that day Dex tried and tried again to get back on the run but nothing, he never made it again. Now he has a normal life and a normal job, where he naturally tries to do his best to be on time because of possible delay, the greatest difficulties still have them when the nature call... you got it right, going to the toilet.

Who knows!? Maybe our Dex will be able to participate to the over 40 track and field championships if he can remember again how to run and fight again with his old friend Usain...

Everything is im-possible!


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