Outrage : Temporary Relief

By michaeljbarry | Devotion to Life | 14 Jan 2020

I have never heard anything as unsettling yet enlightening as the following:


“All conflict is self-conflict.” -K.G.


Let’s consider OUT-rage.... the result of unchecked (IN)enrage.

Outrage exists as a commoners pocket of relief to indulge themselves in rather than discover the source of the emotion/reaction. It's an exhaust valve for the excess (in-enraging concoction).


It is easy to criticize and complain about things not being how you think they SHOULD BE (see Don’t Should on Me) and much harder to find out the root of your own discomfort.

You’re not learning anything when you’re out-raging.

You may think that you are outraged by someone or something because of the perceived affront to you or your beliefs and you’re not far from the Truth although not in the way you imagine.

The key words in the last sentence being “PERCEIVED” and “BELIEFS”.


Your reaction has nothing to do with anything outside of you and everything to do with what is going on inside of you.


What are the underlying beliefs and perceptions that give rise to your outrage?


Why not discover why you are (in)enraged psychologically so that you can forego the outrage altogether? Is it possible to be untouched by such trivial & reactionary tendencies?

Can you envision living a life in which no matter what comes your way you remain unaffected by it, your equanimity is unwavering?


If this does not appeal to you then enjoy your outrage - I must admit it’s quite a ride.


I am no longer entertained by such rides, I have not the energy to sustain such an existence. I will uncover the root of every reaction.

No guide, teacher, mentor or guru has access to the one mind that I do, so I will do it alone.

I will have the Truth, or I will have nothing.

Perhaps they are one and the same.

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