Its a SCAM! - The Legacy of Carlos Matos: The Infamous Bitconnect Guy

The Strange and Wondeful Saga of Carlos Matos - The Bitconnect Guy has Resurfaced! 

A joke or a cry for help?

Its A Scam!
Even if you were born yesterday and never touched a bitcoin (you cant touch them) you have probably seen some form of MEME or video of this man in action. His name is Carlos Matos and he has an interesting tale to tell on his Twitter page alone. Allthough me might not be open about his cocaine habit that may rival McAfee. May be the difference between a man who shares his drugs and one who doesn't. Which leads me to one of my points: This man is a walking MEME. The speculation and fun to be had is almost endless.

Sex? A Scam?

Full Disclosure or Marketing Genius?
You can't help but admire how open he is. A "Herbalife" advertisement is the header photo on his very odd Twitter feed. It is not as active as you would think. A strange mix of adoration and worry fill my mind as I read these; as it will to you.

Bankrupt selling Herbalife in Alleyways


Save Carlos
Someone tell this man he can probably get rich by starting a "Podcast" alone by bringing all the joy his public persona has brought the interworld. Does he realize this? He is more famous than the "ShamWow Guy" but maybe not the legend, Billy Mays. In full respect I think Carlos can sell anything he wants and doesn't have to resort to selling herbalife in Alleyways where this International Treasure could be potantialy hurt. See what I mean about the endless specualtion. One could take his story and become rich themselves. Ok maybe not, but can make a little scratch. He needs more people to follow him on Twitter and let him know that he is not a SCAM. He is the real deal folks.


Fasting or Cocaine? Not Adderal - thats what the losers use

If he only knew what he was holding in his Hands
Someone just needs to tell his ungrateful wife to call him. He wouldn't post that on Twitter unless he realy meant it right? Judging on the amount of shares and likes Carlos gets is a shame. You people need to get on board and show this man some Love. If he so happens to read this I hope he knows this was all written out of Love. Carlos. Ask anyone, we LOVE YOU. You deserve to be as huge as you already are.
Now that you have "it" what are you gonna do with "IT"?
Thank You for Your Time

This Article is dedicated to all the Crypto-Heros out there carving out a seemingly beautiful future.
Whenever your Life or Wife may be getting you down just watch Carlos Matos MEMEs and videos. If he takes my advice there will be many more to come!

Carlos 2020 - We need a man like this in office right?

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