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By CrazyDelver | Delving101 | 7 Jan 2024

Hey everybody, sorry for the long silence.

I have been trying some apps that take a very long time before you get a chance to cash out and as you may know from earlier posts I refuse to write blogs about apps before I have verified whether they really pay out.

Other influencers will take money to write false positive reviews and just advertise stuff regardless of the quality, but not me... I am not fouling up my brand with dishonesty, mostly because I take a very dim view of people who are lacking in integrity.

Be that as it may... Happy, happy, joy, joy, I get to write a positive review!

Sweatcoin app and the Sweatcoin wallet that you need in order to cash out actually pay out.

I haven't taken the time to calculate how much it would be per step or per day, but I can safely say this is more lucrative than COIN. As an added bonus, while COIN only functions as long as you leave the app running Sweatcoin can run in the background.

I've had this app for three months now, I do make the 5000 steps per day (easily more than that, but you need premium to be rewarded up to 6000 steps). It has used only 170 MB of data, yet I have earned roughly 9 euro's.

It's not much, but being rewarded for walking I'm already doing, on top of being able to combine this with COIN app makes this a very nice app.

You can stake on this app (except they call it growth jars) and transfers to other accounts (like for instance coinbase) are free.

In the Sweatcoin app you can support charities, get giftcards or buy discounts to sportswear. In the Sweat Wallet you can actually trade, transfer, convert and stake the crypto.

This is the highest rate I have seen on any crypto app so far that foes not require you to spend money.



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Trying mining apps, cloud earning apps and so on, passive earning interests me to supplement the trading I'm doing. Also I want to help people who can't afford to spend money on crypto to find a free way to get into it without getting scammed.


My delving experiences, good and bad.... unfortunately there have been more bad than good, but I hope I can at least help other people out by showing them what not to do.

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