Stormgain, positive experience

By CrazyDelver | Delving101 | 11 Feb 2022

Okay, here's another positive experience: Stormgain!

Here's the quick rundown:
- You can mine Tether (USDT) for free
- Once you reach $ 10,00 you can withdraw
- You can trade (short trades) your mined Tether
- The profit you make on trading the mined Tether you can withdraw for real cash
- The app gives valuable trading advice, every time I followed the advice I made a decent score, every time I tried to outsmart the advice I lost money
- Actually buying Tether through this app will give you access to the VIP cloudmining service which is about twice as fast as the free one

- You lose the mined Tether once a year and have to start all over with mining in order to continue trading (unless you've been successful at trading before)
- The pace is very slow and gets even slower when the value of Tether goes up

The verdict: Again, don't quit your dayjob, but it can be a nice way to make some decent cash (even if you start with nothing).


Use this link to get 3$ free USDT:


Since Binance no longer operates in the Netherlands this app is inactive in the Netherlands. The rate wasn't that high so I never bothered to see is a VPN would solve anything.

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Trying mining apps, cloud earning apps and so on, passive earning interests me to supplement the trading I'm doing. Also I want to help people who can't afford to spend money on crypto to find a free way to get into it without getting scammed.


My delving experiences, good and bad.... unfortunately there have been more bad than good, but I hope I can at least help other people out by showing them what not to do.

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