Sneak peek of the upcoming Brave advertiser dashboard

By DefiMoon | DeFiMoon | 25 Apr 2020

Today Brave software engineer Dan Lipeles released some screenshots of the upcoming advertiser dashboard on Reddit. Currently the service is only available to a small group of selected advertisers where campaigns have to be approved manually and with minimum ad budgets of $2500, but at launch it will be available for all ad campaigns.






Once this service is launched in Q2-Q3 of this year, Brave will be able to onboard all advertisers from their waiting list. This will be a monumental event for the BAT token because the amount of money flowing through the Brave ecosystem will expand significantly as new advertisers begin experimenting.

Dan said this on Reddit a few months ago: 

"We aim to make this process seamless and easy for new advertisers, as well as robust and feature rich for experienced marketers. One thing this will do is allow us to onboard many more advertisers (as it is a manual process currently) which means increased buy-side on BAT, greater diversity of ads, and ultimately a better user experience. Combined with the innovations we've made to ad-tech (1. Privacy preserving ad matching, 2. Rewarding user attention) we believe this will be a truly compelling option for advertisers, and we are very excited to be a part of this new chapter in internet history." 

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