Will Doge Coin, Tron and Bittorrent surpass $1

Will Doge Coin, Tron and Bittorrent surpass $1

People tend to ask this question whenever they want to buy or invest in an altcoin. No one wants to buy an altoin which has no future, there are some coins which has been stuck at same place like forever and they are struggling to surpass a certain price level. Some might have future and some might not have because remember there are some useless token being created each and every day so you don't want to be among those who will fall trap for this as you will be victimized.



Currently as the market is going down bitTorrent is being traded for $0.006476 and today it hit a low of $0.0042 and there are higher chances that it might fell a bit low than that then it starts rising.

With current supply of 659,952,625,000 BTT and market capitalization of $4,273,863,757.14 it managed to have a Return on Investment of +5277.58% which is a good sign. Very soon when the price is going up the market capitalization will increase and people want to invest in this while its still low so that they wont get late like they did with Doge coin, so with the mask adoption and support it will surpass $1 not to day but in the few years to come. You can just buy and lock them in you wallet.


People has so much doubt in this meme coin, no one ever thought it will become this lucrative and make people rich. It struggled for years to make a significant move.

Today it has a staggering market capitalization of $31,303,282,283 and the Return on investment of 42635.63% how marvelous is this. You can see how it made people rich. Today it is on 433,318 watchlists of investors so you see everyone is eyeing for it. As for doge i am sure by 2022 it will be close to $1, don't forget to add this to you portfolio aswel.

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