Will Succed in Overtaking Binance

Hello everyone, today i came back with another episode and i am going to do an analysis and give you a breakdown on these 2. Currently Binance is ranked number 1 and is ranked number 9, let us look into these other factors:

  • Trading Volume
  • Number of Markets

Trading Volume

On trading volume we will be looking at the trading volume in dollars on that Exchange which are conducted on 24 hour basis and this will prove the size of the exchange. First lets look at Binance, it has $91,914,428,853.61 traded everyday and on the trading volume is $ 5.11 billion and we can see that Binance is bigger than with more than $85 billion in trading volumes which is evident enough that Binance has higher liquidity.

Number of Markets

Then on number of markets Binance has 1564 and has 285 and from these figures we can see that Binance is leading with 1279 markets which is way too much. I am sure this is the reason Binance is more liquid because they have a variety of markets. If is to overtake Binance they have to increase the number of their trading markets and this will boost their trading volumes.

Native Token Prices, Price History and Future Price predictions

Binance (BNB) token is being traded at $600 and it has a lot time low of $0.09611 from 2012 and its growing Bigger each and everyday. With the way its moving its proving to be better than Ethereum esp on speed and low transaction cost. Then on (CRO) it was launched 2019 and has an all time low of $0.01149 but now its trading at $0.79 per coin.

Binance is 4 years has a Return on Investment of 530647.99% and CRO has a return on investment of 3917.36% over a period of 3years. If CRO was to has the same return on investment like BNB then it will hit $53 per coin, but that's not an easy road though.

Lets look on the current and more realistic price analysis:


The picture above is from a market cap calculator which calculate the future price using the data from market capitalization of the other asset. From that picture we can see that if Binance will hit the market capitalization of BNB which is $102,039,645,507 then we will hit $4 per coin and currently CRO has capitalization of $20,010,611,846.

Lets look at another picture from to se what they say about the future price;


We can see that proved it as they have $3.99 in mind which is close. So if CRO succeed in overtaking BNB in trading these volumes then it will become the number 1 native token and its most likely by then it will be the biggest exchange as they have a plenty of developments going on.

They are investing more in advertising which will create awareness of their native token and i am pretty sure if in future then do manual burns on their supply then this will be untouchable and become the most liquid native token.


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