What is Ampleforth and Why you should start buying it now?

It is a Rebase Token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is like a stable coin and its price has a certain target which is $! and if the price goes above $1.10 then it is a positive rebase and if it goes below $0.96 then its a negative rebase. It was launched in June 2019 and by that time the initial price was around $2 then the price fell and this May 2021 it reach a higher price of $1.41 but currently it is down to $0.70 per coin.

Its current circulating supply is 236,678,863.90 AMPL and the maximum supply is 395,345,189 and on market capitalization it currently has $165,859,750 which is low as it once reached $600 million. and that time that is when it had an all time high of $4.04 and its all time low of $0.2945


Whats Good about this Token

  • Its supply can not be diluted
  • Wallet balance increase

The good part is that whenever the price of AMPL increase then the balance of tokens in your wallet will increase automatically which means if the price keeps on going up so as your number of token. It is the first of its own kind and is an investment worth looking into.

In times like when market crashed its supply adjusts automatically and that is called negative rebase so as to make sure that the price is not heavily affected, this has and advantage of making sure that when supply is reduced then demand will increase so as the price. It is an investment worth looking into as it promises a greater future ahead.


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