Top 4 Decentralized Finance Tokens with a Brighter Future

Top 4 Decentralized Finance Tokens with a Brighter Future

Altcoins has dominated the Crypto currencies market for a decade now but the tables seem to be turning now as there is another challenger in the ring. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Tokens re now making headlines and the rate of  adoption is overwhelmingly on point. I am going to briefly talk about only 4 which i am going to invest in this month. As we all know many are called but only a few are chosen, so these are my chosen ones:

  • Synthetix Network (SNX)
  • Ampleforth (AMPL)
  • Aave (LEND)
  • Uniswap (UNI)



When i am investing in crypto currencies i apply that concept of not putting all eggs in one basket. I always look at crypto's in their categories e.g, MEME, Lending, Gaming, Governance Tokens e.t.c.

The reason why i do this its because i avoid such things like when the meme's are not performing well the whole portfolio will be in red, so the idea of mixing will give you an advantage when another sector is booming like what the DeFi is doing now.

Synthetix Network (SNX). It was launched in 2017 and in 2018 it was trading around $0.45 and it struggled for more than 2 years to surpass a market capitalization of $500 million. Then in January 2021 that when it surpassed the Market Capitalization of $1 Billion and now it is $2,054,315,294 at the current price is $17.89. If you just check at it Return on investment of 55039.17% that's when you will realize the potential it has in these markets.

Ampleforth (AMPL). This one is still an infant it is not much old as it came on the market around June 2019. It was launched with a price of $1.90 but then fell and it is now being traded at $1.14 per coin. Its market capitalization of $241,686,059 is still small and i have high hopes that it will surpass a billion soon because in July 2020 it reached $600 million. Its supply is reasonable and in the future i expect its price to be more than $25 per coin.

Aave (LEND). This one is a lending platform which was launched in 2017 and it was trading at $54 per coin in 2020 but if you check now the price is $473.53. There is no doubt that it will soon surpass $2500 per coin considering its supply of 16 million which is so small and its capitalization of $5,913,482,326 is another sigh to prove that the price will keep on going higher as a result of high rate of adoption.

Uniswap (UNI). This another DeFi token worthy looking into as it can be the next Binance Coin.  It was trading at less than $0.50 in 2020 but now it is trading at $39.89. Its capitalization of $20,856,634,499 is so overwhelming which made it to the top 10 crypto currency rankings. Its supply is not that bad aswel.

These are my top 4, if you have any suggestions feel free to send in the comment section.




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