Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to watch out for in the current top 10

The crypto currency market is making wave these day as almost every altcoins are performing well. After the market took a dip, i never knew it will rebound this quick, the correction was quick as anticipated. Out of so many i took only 3 cryptos which i see are about to explode among the top 10 list which seem to be the top contenders.

  • Ethereum
  • Binance
  • Uniswap


Top 3

These are the top 3 i am seeing with all eyes widely open as they are about to explode as they are always breaking new grounds. Ethereum once again broke the resistance and set a new all time high and is currently being traded at $2,743.70 and it is +4.19% up and it is not stopping. Ethereum has so many services which it offers which leads to its price surging and getting strong

Binance is also following the footsteps of Ethereum as it is about to shoot up again, its arsenal are fully loaded. It is now being traded at $564.86 and i am expecting it to break its previous all time high and set a new all time high, it binance smart chain, exchange platform and its network makes it so unique on the market and for that reason it will keep on surging.

UNISWAP is still new on the block but it is promising fireworks and its capitalization is going up with the price being traded $42.83 which is it all time high. Now there are a lot of tokens and since UNISWAP is into token swapping this will make it popular.

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