The Raging Bulls are now taking charge on Chainlink, Polygon, THETA & EOS

Lately the crypto market has been showing signs of recovery after an atomic bomb was dropped on the crypto currencies and we saw then fall losing close to 50% of their value. There is no doubt some might investors have thought this might be the end of crypto but some traders knew what really was happening "Market Correction".

The Bullish Streak

More than 50% of the alt-coins are now showing bullish signs and i thing they are preparing to go rise again but we will be able to tell if it is just a pullback or a reversal.

Chainlink which is ranked number 12 with a supply of 429,509,553.92 LINK and a huge market capitalization of $30,161,142,297 has formed a W and current on the second leg. On the weekly chart we are on the bullish streak and if it manages to push the price to $35 then the price might keep the bullish momentum and the next target will be to close above $41.


Polygon which has capitalization if $18,525,856,581 and a supply of 10,000,000,000 with 6.26B MATIC in circulation. If you check on the picture below you can clearly see that it has broke out of the trend line and is sitting on top of support level at $1.84 and if it manages to hold that level we expect it to hit $2.2


THETA is still trapped in the downward price channel and it found support at the lower channel and is now at the bullish order block. If it manages to hold up the current price level to $7.7 then there are higher chances that it will test $8.70 and that is a resistance level and we expect it to bounce there then break out of the resistance and its nest stop will be the upper band of the channel at $9.20 then we see fro there.


has recently currently finished a bullish retracement so now we are in a retracement and if all goes well this might be the higher high being create and we might see th price getting back to $8.6 and from there we wait for a breakout but if it goes below $5.7 then it might sell again.


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