The Magnificent 2 Crypto Tokens to Watchout For

This season the crypto market is so interesting as we have new promising crypto currencies showing their presence as the bullet train is about to take off. Currently my biggest stake is on CRO then the rest follows.  I have much faith in this token and i am pretty sure soon it will make waves just like the current talk of the town Shiba Inu.

The advantage of this token are the projects behind it as it has a lot more use in the digital world. Its like the PayPal of the crypto world and with time if they keep on working hard like they are doing we will see it become the most precious crypto token in the universe. This week it has been bullish as it had risen from $0.1855 to trade around $0.208 which was a good mover.

However we saw the most crypto market plunge and bitcoin was even trading at $58k and our CRO fell again but today it managed to recover what it had lost and is now on the bullish streak again. Once we break the resistance at $0.21-0.22 then the bullish momentum will take it to its new highs an i suspect when it mainnet is launched  on 8 November it will then explode. Its current market capitalization has increased with close to a billion and the daily volume has also increased.

Another Monster n the Block

I also came across another project which i think will make an impact in the market and i took this as my side chick an invested the same number of tokens on CRO though bought them with a few dollars. This token has amazing project which it has to offer, It has a which will be launched soon, Klever wallet and in that wallet you can swap other tokens. It has an exchange platform and Klever Bank will roll out soon.

Looking at its ranking its not that bad as it is sitting at number 386 and has a goo starting capitalization of $120 million and its 24hr volume is still less as compared to that of CRO. KLV has an all time high of $0.1628 and is currently trading near its all time low and this is the right time to buy. I believe this token is way under valued and very soon it will take charge, you can keep it on your watch-list an monitor its. Its low circulating supply of 3,397,615,776 KLV will play another role and speed up the process.


I was doing a comparison of the 2 and CRO has already taken the lead as it has a clear bullish setup and is setting up to boosts. The on the Klever side the structure is not ready to take off but very soon. Considering the current price its good to buy now at a low price and avoid to be late comers. I believe once these get listed on Binance, Coin base and Robin hood then the capitalization will increase an will push the numbers and it will become more liquid.

CRO & KLV chart comparison

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