The HiFivers compete is live on HiFi Gaming Society and 100K HiFi & NFT to be Won

Like every King needs a Queen, so as every Gamer needs HiFi Tokens for his life to be complete. HiFi Gaming Society did not just start 2022 strong, they are even over delivering and this is what every investor wishes on the projects they invested on. Every gamer needs competitions to prove how bad they are and HiFi Gaming Society has created an Arena for that now every gamer is invited and not forgetting there are prizes to be won.The game being played is Block Puzzle and its a tetris clone.

Entry Requirement

Some might think its cost a fortune to compete but unlike other platform, here you just need 1000 HiFi which is about $3.5 and stake its on play and you will be able to join others in the competition. If you are someone who want to stake and earn the 51% APR you will have to stake 10 000  HiFi and with that you are automatically qualified to compete. Note that the staked amount is not like you are paying to compete, its just a minimum entry and you can unstake it whenever you want.

Prize Pool To be won

The pot-size is huge, there is an NFT worth 2BNB to be won by anyone who will take the fist position and 100 000 HiFi tokens and these are to be shared between number 2 and 5. Also 2 lucky winners will be selected at random from the list of players and reach will be rewarded with 2500 HiFi each. So even if you don't make it in the top 5 but you can be luck and rewarded for participating in the HiFivers competition.

🏆 HiFivers Compete - Block Puzzle 🏆

Top 5 highscores in “Block Puzzle”

🥇1st Place: 1 Common HIFI NFT
🥈2nd Place: 50k HIFI
🥉3rd Place: 25K HIFI
4️⃣4th Place: 12.5K HIFI
5️⃣5th Place: 7.5K HIFI

🥳 2 random winners of 2.5K HIFI

Duration of the competition: 7 Days ⏲

🏁Start Time:
January 10th 2022 - 10:00 PM UTC

🎬End Time:
January 17th 2022 - 10:00 PM UTC

Game on! #PlayToEarn


The competition is already on fire and we have some who are already leading on the top 3 but they should not relax because we have dangerous gamers on board and they are soon to play. Below is the picture on the current leader-board and we are going to see by the end of competition who will be the luck 7 to win the HiFi and and NFT.



This is an opportunity not to be missed, i just wish all the competitors best of luck in their endeavor and hope to see who will walk away with the NFT. HiFi Gaming Society is proving to be more than just a metaverse, lets watch the space and brace for more updates.

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