Short Review of Altoin Wallets

We always want the best out of the rest when it comes to wallets for storing our cryptos. People have been crying a lot about losing their coins on exchange wallets. Also for storing their cryptos because some wallet are too difficult to use, and some charge exorbitant prices. I have 4 wallets in mind which i thing are the best.

  • Ledger nano X & S
  • Trezor
  • Coinbase mobile wallet
  • Metamask


These are the best 4 to use and they save different purposes.

Ledger nano X & S is a cold storage wallet or offline wallet foe storing your altcoins. It is the size of a USB and cost $60, you can send and receive coins in it. It is the best because it is is used offline so you will be safe from hacker.

Trezor is a hardware wallet aswel just like Ledger and it has a small screen. You can plug it into your mobile phone or your computer when you are transacting. The only difference from Ledger is that ledger is strong since its coated with metal. This one supports 1000 altcoins and it cost around $60 aswel. You just have to make sure you don't lose your hardware wallet and your password.

Coinbase is another wallet which is good. It has low fees esp when transacting with bitcoin from coinbase to coinbase user. You can chose to store on their exchange wallets but the mobile wallet for me is the best.

Metamask is a token web wallet which works on browsers e.g Mozilla Firefox or google chrome, you can store your different ERC-20 Token and it also has a function of swapping tokens. You just have to install the metamask add-on on the browser and then you are good to go. They do not keep your private keys so you have to make sure you keep them safe so that you do not lose your tokens.

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