Exchanging your Ampleforth from Publish0x for Crypto.com (CRO) on Kucoin Exchange

Exchanging your Ampleforth from Publish0x for Crypto.com (CRO) on Kucoin Exchange

For you to be a goo investor you have to make sure that the odds are all in your favor. On this article i am going to talk about how you can use your Ample-forth earned on Publish0x an purchase CRO token on Kucoin Exchange.

Why Convert Ample forth to CRO?

If you go through my articles you will find an article on which i talked about ample-forth as a token which can not make you rich because it is a re-base token and designed to ad more supply in the market if the price is trading above $1.04. So there is no need to keep this token as it is meant to maintain a certain values it either your wallet value remains constant or it will decrease in value but mostly it will reduce.

What to Do?

When you are withdrawing your Amplefoth from Publish0x you should make sure you withdraw it to Kucoin Exchange which is recommended by Publish0x then when you tokens are sent in your Kucoin account then you convert it to USDT. Once you do so then go on the USDT Markets then search fro a pair CRO/USDT then place your buy order and when its matched then your balance will show that you now have CRO token.

Why Change your Tokens to CRO an not any other?

Well there is no doubt that there are so many tokens you can invest on but on my case i prefer CRO because it has a brighter future an i am sure it will soon perform more like the Binance Coin and the reason for that its because its has a lot of projects such as its Main-net which is coming on 8 November, Dapps, Wallet, Crypto exchange platform and so many more.So with all these projects we can clearly see that it has a higher potential of becoming the greatest token among other. I am sure its a token you will not regret as it will pay your bills in the future.



Its now the best time to channel your Ample-forth tokens earned to a much more bigger project which can make us super rich in the near future. Its following the footsteps of Binance an i can see it surpassing it with a slight big margin and it will be ranked in the top 10. Check its capitalization its ready performing very well.


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