(CRO) is proving to be a threat to Binance (BNB) (CRO) is proving to be a threat to Binance (BNB)

There is no doubt that is going to secure its position in the top 10 before year end, On 1-11-21 it was trading on number 40 with a capitalization of $5,390,08,073 and daily turnovers of approximately $397,610,506 and the price by that time was $0.2103.

Currently capitalization is $24,007,080,153.35 and daily turnovers is ranging at $2,364,414,013 and the price has hit its all time high of $0.9698. Considering the way it moved from the number 40 spot to its current spot at 12. It has been breaking new all time highs almost everyday and looking at the trading chart there is no doubt that it is just getting started.

What Making CRO the most Hot Altcoin

CRO has been doing a lot lately to make sure its project is a success which is why its always in the trending  list and the most exciting thing is in the top 20 list it is the only altcoin which is up by 80% on the weekly trend which is a strong bullish momentum considering that most of the coins including Bitcoin are in red sea.

Recently acquired the naming right from the Staples Center and starting 25 December it will be changed to Arena and the Billboards and names will be changed in June 2022. So if we are experiencing bullish moments now, we can imagine what will happen from 25 December. has an NFT Market place which is another reason contributing to the current bullish rally on top of the Cronos Mainnet which was released on 8-11.21.


The above screenshot is from Degen a site which tracks the potential of crypto currencies listed using data such as Capitalization and supply then it will give you an estimate of were the prize will likely be. So according to the site if  reaches capitalization of BNB then it will cost around $3.84 per coin. Of-which with the way things are going in the near future CRO will surpass BNB and find its lace in top 3 because its gaining much ground an adoption yet its just getting started.

Its not a financial advise but CRO looks like the best investment as it has a lot to offer an doing all it can to make sure it gets mass adoption. Its over delivering and for that we are seeing results and once it start running the Staples Center for the next 20years we will see new developments and price breaking.




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