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By fblauer | Yield Hacking with Defi | 12 Aug 2019

As a follow up to to my previous article on lending and borrowing platforms, I have decided to provide an update. I have been using mostly Compound and Nuo for lending Dai and USDC stable coins (pegged to the US dollar) and earning pretty good rates 13-15% APR. I am also using Celsius to lend out my Bitcoin at about 5% APR. I have also been testing a couple of other services like dydx, and fulcrum. Each one has somewhat different approaches, and I am hedging my bets by investing in different platforms and stablecoins. These services are proving to be very reliable and profitable so far. 

The various rates and services can be compared on I am using mostly lending services that don't lock in your funds, but the rates are variable and keep changing due to various factors like supply and demand.

A new generation of lending platform is cropping up which helps you to chose the services with the best rates, and periodically re-balance your funds to give you highest returns. If you were to do this manually, it would take more time, and incur more fees. Here are three of the services that I am currently evaluating, and they are all promising:

All of these above services make use of the underlying defi protocols, and builds on top of them. They can be used and evaluated now, but they are still in the early stages, so I would not risk a lot of money on these "meta" platforms yet. But they have a lot of potential to take defi lending to the next level, for investors looking to earn returns which are much better than the traditional banking system. 

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Yield Hacking with Defi
Yield Hacking with Defi

This is a blog about the intersection between crypto currency and finance. I have been testing and evaluating various defi (decentralised finance) and opfi (open finance) projects. This includes lending and borrowing markets, decentralised exchanges, automated market making, smart contract wallets, and tools for measuring and monitoring return on investment. All enabled by blockchain technology, with decentralised, opensource and audited smart contracts. These systems are interoperable and composable.

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