I quit my job in the middle of a crypto drop - Part I

By Wbrumbaugh | DeFi from Afar | 11 Aug 2021

When you hear those dreaded words...I Quit! — Tami Jaffe business coaching  services logo

Adios Corporate!

So here's a little context, this morning I was enjoying time in bed with my 1 year old daughter and wife, both of whom almost died 13 months ago. Due to complications from labor, my daughter spent 2 weeks in the NICU and my wife spent nearly a month in the hospital with multiple additional surgeries. Here's the beautiful thing, I hadn't been with my company for a year and didn't qualify for paternity leave, so I had to use my 2 weeks of PTO and then return back to work. Thanks corporate America.... But don't worry "we care". Thus, this was the beginning of the end. Before quitting my job exactly 2 months ago, I was an AVP, Financial Advisor for a "regional powerhouse bank", something I had worked extremely long and hard to get to. I had course work for CFA, CMT, and CFP (this is ADHD at it's best). I made a decent living, nothing crazy but enough to cover what we needed. The thing about working for regional bank and smaller as an advisor, if your not slinging annuities, you're not feeding your family. 1) there's no such thing as too many annuities and 2) the only thing better than an annuity is an annuity in an IRA, double tax advantaged. Please take this last statement as a joke as well as how many advisors at the smaller level still think. In their defense, its what pays the most and how are you supposed to compete with the fees and performance of Schwab and Fidelity.

Leading up to D-Day, the amount of BS that I dealt with from every direction sent me from work, to the liquor store, to home everyday. "I'm sorry sir that you are mad at the advisor you had 20 years ago that sold you an illiquid investment and now your mad at me." Now, I respect everybody's money, no matter how big or small because for the most part we all have to work hard for that. But please don't be the person with $10k that acts like they have $1mm. It was just one thing after another after another, until one morning I just said, "I'm done". I'm pretty sure my old boss still hates me to this day. But I had made some quick money in Crypto and said this is easy, I can make a living doing this and said bye bye. I made this "quick money" in 2 weeks mind you and referenced that two week period to alter mine and my family's life forever... and then down we went. And I didn't just commit to this, I fully dove in. We're talking life savings, retirement for both my wife and I, and loans. I mean, I was (am) bought in. I did the exact opposite and sane financial advisor would do. I mean, this was a go big or go home moment, and then I started to watch as things started to go down and down and down. Luckily I didn't buy at the high, and I periodically invested my cash reserves instead of going all in. I guess I learned a thing or two, but that's it.... Soooooooo Part II coming tomorrow.


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Leaving the corporate world behind and never looking back.

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