Defi Monthly Recap - June 2020

Defi Monthly Recap - June 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 1 Jul 2020

1 June
✔️ OMG Network Mainnet Beta Goes Live (source)

2 June
✔️ AVA Labs Integrates Chainlink (source)

3 June
✔️ New Version of DeversiFi Exchange Built w/ Starkware goes Live (source)

4 June
✔️ Vega Launches Market Maker Program Before Public Testnet (source)

5 June
✔️ Celsius Hits $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Deposits (source)

6 June
✔️ Loopring Pay Goes Live (source)
✔️ Ethereum Reaches 100M Unique Adresses (source)

8 June
✔️ ConsenSys Launches DeFi Compliance Service (source)

9 June
✔️ DeFi Capitalization Doubles In Two Months (source)

10 June
✔️ Aave Reached $100M Market Size Milestone (source)

11 June
✔️ Maker MKR Available on Coinbase (source)

12 June
✔️ Curve Finance Integrates With Ren Project (source)
✔️ MakerDAO Votes to Accept Real World Assets as a Collateral (source)

13 June
✔️ TokenSets Deploys New Infrastructure (source)

15 June
✔️ Compound $COMP Governance Token Goes Live (source)
✔️ MakerDao Adds Governance Polls for ZRX & KNC (source)

16 June
✔️ ConsenSys Announces ETH 2.0 Staking Program (source)

17 June
✔️ Compound Briefly Becomes a DeFi Unicorn  (source)

18 June
✔️ ParaFi Captal Invests in KNC (source)

19 June 
✔️ FTX Exchange Releases DeFi Index Futures (source)

20 June
✔️ Compound Overtakes Maker in Total Locked Value (source)

22 June
✔️ Opyn Raises $2.16M (source)

23 June
✔️ Balancer $BAL Token Goes Live (source)
✔️ Ampleforth Launches Liquidity Incentive Program  (source)

24 June
✔️ Circle and Algorand Partner to Bring USDC to Algorand Blockchain (source)

25 June
✔️ Compound (COMP) Available on Coinbase (source)
✔️ Defi Money Market Raises $6.5M in Token Sale (source)

27 June
✔️ Compound Reaches $1B in Total Supply (source)

28 June
✔️ KNC & ZRX Officially Added to Maker Protocol (source)

29 June
✔️ Balancer Gets Hacked for $500K (source)

30 June
Kyber Network Announces the date Katalyst and KyberDAO Go Live (source)


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