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Student Coin is Back!

By Feedmypsyche | DeepFCrypto | 25 Oct 2021

Student Coin's token STC is finally breaking out from being in a downtrend for so long. It is currently making its way back up to $0.01!


This is probably due to the STC Update news regarding the impressive launchpad of the token LEAN which was over in just 3 MINUTES! Together with the news from the team that the STC Terminal is technically ready to launch. The update included the following 

STC update #6 is here!

While LEAN’s Launchpad was a great success as the price increased more than 450% in less than 48 hours, this update is dedicated to brief you about the technical aspect of our work.


📈  Deposit: During Lean’s Launchpad, we tested our deposit system and we’re happy to reveal that it works flawlessly. As soon as we’re able to minimize the costs of receiving deposits (so it doesn’t affect the withdrawal fees), this feature will be implemented into the STC Wallet.

📈  Wallet: We are in the advanced stage of migration to the new wallet’s system, which will be finished in November. This process is essential when it comes to our performance, ensuring that our platform is prepared for multiple projects and is fully compatible with all of our upcoming products.

✅  Terminal: From a technical standpoint, the STC Terminal has been completed. The only thing separating us from the official launch is the before-mentioned migration. If the launch will be postponed, it will be because of complicated technical issues regarding the migration.

🔈  Staking: In November, we will introduce a new staking feature which will be staking for 365 days. 🚀

✅  STC Launchpad: SmartMarketingToken (SMT) ICO is ending in 6 days! You can still join it on STC Launchpad. LEAN Token that ICO was closed in less than 3 minutes on STC Launchpad was listed yesterday on Uniswap with starting price of $0.65, and hit $3.73! 


You can buy STC at KuCoin HERE

If you're looking for a NEW ICO similair to the launchpad that STC had you can check out ccFound HERE

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