3 Ways to turn your Work From Home #WFH from BORING into interesting


1) Fulfill your dream-workspace

Aside of investing some money for a comfortable ergonomic office chair, modern-classy designated working table, why don't you add a little touch of 'greeny finishing' that has ability to release oxygens for the good of your brain to your interior? There are studies that show houseplants able to improve mental health and wellness. Plants can be a powerful brain stimulant.

"Tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result,” according to Charlie Hall, Ellison Chair in International Floriculture at Texas A&M University.

Do you know that not all type of plants do photosynthesis at night? At night, photosynthesis stops but respiration continues, which mean plants stop producing oxygen. But some of them are exceptional.

Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Peace Lily are type of plants that release oxygens 24/7 nonstop-able regardless weekend; like the Cryptocurrency market trading hours. The Peace Lily for example is known to increase room humidity by up to 5%, which is great for breathing while working. Get a try!


Clean workspace helps you to focus - cluttered space has tendency to make you more stress, which I believe your daily workload had messed your day enough.


2) Plan up ahead a trip/short gateway or whatever you call it

I can tell it's exhausting working 9-5 (I'm luckier a bit than you cause my working hour starts only @12 noon) 5 days a week, hustling, having zoom meeting, morning to midnight. Aren't that a sweet generous of you to reward yourself a trip? Get some hard reset to your 'operating machine', you can thank me later.

I recently had a trip to Langkawi Island during New Year Eve. Yes, I worked during the New Year. This sector I work for which is Finance, requires me to work every end of month for Month End Closure, especially during the end of year. We have this killing ton of volumes and record to be reconciled.

But it didn't stopped me to hop in into some adventurous escapes. It was 2 weeks trip. We managed to find this one place that we can rent hourly or @6USD only per whole day. With high speed internet and free-flow coffee aside!


This place named Jetpack few minutes drive from Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia



I worked for some required peak hours, but I also enjoyed waterfalls, jungle trekking, and beaches touring almost every morning before I started work. Not to mention my favorite islands routine, sun bathing (not really sunny cause we visited during tropical monsoon).

I totally understand that our tourism industry get massively affected by this pandemic. However, The European Union has so far approved the vaccines from Pfizer (PFE) and its German partner BioNTech (BNTX) as well as from US Company Moderna (MRNA).


This is kind of hopes for our tourism sectors; local tourism. At least.





3) Fitness routines

It's either in Instagram or YouTube for example, we can see there are real bunch of Virtual Classrooms blooming during this pandemic. Get yourself registered under any of them. Most interesting is, some of them are FREE!

These instructors provide you virtual classes that you can practice during your break time or whenever you need to do some stretch for that back and neck. Or prolly you gotta find a way to burn a little grams, or maybe kilograms (oops!) that gained throughout these lockdown.

Spare some slot in your daily schedule at least 30 minutes - 10 minutes warm up and cool down, the rest 20 minutes enough for you to burn 150 calories; approximately.


150 calories equivalent to below activities:


Jogging for 19 minutes

Circuit training on weight machines or doing push-ups and other strenuous exercises for 17 minutes

Strengthen your core with Pilates for 22 minutes

Swim at a moderate pace for 19 minutes

Mind-body practice such as tai chi or yoga for 33 minutes


As your heart and lung health improve, more energy you have to tackle daily chores.

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