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By liquid-mike | Deep Dives. | 15 Aug 2019

This is a deep dive into itself, which is a HUGE topic: Therefore we will concentrate on the numbers behind the network: Trying to see how much value the website has; not to explain how anything works. That in mind: Nothing here should be considered financial or personal advice. 


To begin our "investigation" lets take a look at the alexa rating for Alexa rating is a popular website tracking system that uses web traffic data to determine how popular websites online are and compiles them into a list. Alexa ratings are popular among website developers, but I would HIGHLY recommend using this tool to try and determine if a websites projects will valuate.351665157-58657a752f1173ec223fbe95e22ce4b84f7e63495d3069b9771125b91bfa2adb.png Unfortunately the alexa rating for publish0x is down -70259. However, alexa ratings have dips and spikes just like tokens on exchanges... It's important to look at the ratings OVER TIME and try to predict where the numbers are going. On the other side of the coin the Publish0x team is probably scheming as we speak on how to on-board more new users. It's also up to us to tell our friends about this site! Bottom line is: Everyone should learn about alexa ratings because website developers use the tool a lot. You can login to anytime and type in: to see the rating in real time.


Next we are going to take a look at the RATE OF INVESTMENT for all {3} non-stable tokens that publish0x tips its bloggers. We will also look at the Price chart for every token {with the highest spike highlighted.} The first token we will inspect is Basic Attention Token {BAT.} Basic Attention Token RIO is currently +2.62. For those who don't know: "Return on investment is a ratio between net profit and cost of investment. A high ROI means the investment's gains compare favorably to its cost." Roi is a very important number in determining what to invest in.


the next token we will take a look at is Hydro token. The Hydro Roi is currently -27.37. Take a look at the price graph. Could we be seeing a wedge that will spike soon?! Let's also note that the token is barely over 1 year old. 


Lets look at the bounty0x graph {above.} Things aren't looking great. There was two major spikes and then a quick stair step downwards followed bya few small spikes leading to a stabilization around 0.003/0.005 USD. The Bounty0x ROI is currently -95.42%. 


For our final piece of analysis: We will take a look at the actual payout value in USD for the most popular posts so far on Publish0x. If you put your mouse over a post you can actually see the breakdown of what tokens a post was tipped. This $20.89 post received 7,929.3651 BNTY, 0.6215 DAI, 1.6248 BAT and 269.1299 HYDRO. It's an interesting breakdown for several reasons. First of all they obviously cant tip out too much DAI stable coin... If they tipped say... half of the payout {$10} in DAI stable coin... That would be a lot of money they'd have to pump into the ecosystem to keep that going. So most of the tips are in BNTY and HYDRO. This could go really well or horribly. It's possible that the Publish0x team has their finger on the pulse of the Project hydro and Bounty0x projects and strongly believe they will valuate. If this is the case than Publish0x could become a VERY valuable network and the current token Rois basically dont matter. It's very possible the alexa rating will become positive. 


Final Analysis: The Alexa rating and Roi of several publish0x tip tokens are down. HOWEVER project hydro and bounty0x are both very professional recently launched projects that could easily valuate. BAT tips were a smart move. The Basic attention token graph looks the healthiest honestly. The best bloggers on the site are making 10/20 USD payouts which is a great sign. The Bounty0x Roi and price graph are worrying,especially sense so much is tipped out. However the project is still young. It might not be stabilized low like i speculated earlier. It could be the lull before the storm. Friendly suggestions: 1. Increase networking and Marketing. This is like numero uno mistake steemit made. publish0x is so easy to sign up compared to steemit. All publish0x needs is to on-board a lot of  people. I have no idea how much publish0x spends on marketing. If they cant increase spending they should host competitions to network or something. Or offer bundles of tokens on bounty0x for a certain amount of sign ups. Something like this. 2. Tip as much DAi stable coin as possible. Yes this will cost more. But it will decrease huge bounty0x and Hydro token dumps into exchanges. If hydro hits $1 the above post would be worth +7k USD.  This wouldn't be sustainable for the network.


Let me know what you think about my suggestions and what you think about the future of publish0x. Remember nothing here is  personal or financial advice. I would also like to thank the publish0x team for being receptive to peoples suggestions as ive seen from  other posts. 

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