How I plan To Survive The Harsh Steem Winter.

By liquid-mike | Deep Dives. | 20 Aug 2019


Brrr its COLD out here!


The cold weather you are feeling is the price of steem hovering below 20 degrees for so long XD. 

Here is my plan to survive a possible blizzard of steem prices totally tanking.

1. No more selling Steem-engine token to buy steem. With the price of steem so low... Selling off tokens to get more steem could be extremely foolish. Certain Steem engine tokens, especially tribes, could be very valuable some day. So why sell them to buy steem! Steem is 17 cents a pop! So my plan is to hold all tokens for now and buy steem if possible.

2. Watch steem prices closely and try and predict the lowest dip. For instance if steem hits 5 cents on one exchange for one day... One might want to get in on some buying action.


It's very hard right now to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, steem has dipped considerably before: Although some people are speculating this new hard fork will de-valuate steem prices further. Numbers like Peoples payouts, the user base and steem ROI certainly arent looking promising.

But could this still be an opportunity for a clever day trader to profit anyways?


There is certainly a golden opportunity to buy goods listed in steem. For example its cheaper than ever for someone on here whos never had a steem account to buy one. An account is 3 steem each and steem is only 17 cents each. Thats only 51 cents for a brand spanking new steemit account! And there are a few different services listed for steem. As long as you are on an exchange with steem theres some pretty clever moves you can make  right now to save a lot of long term money.

Mostly I see this as an opportunity to HODL while other people flee and leave. Of course my plan will only work if steem re-valuates. In that case if i predict near the dip and hold all my tokens from blogging... I can make a pretty penny! 

What do the steem users here think?

Nothing above is to be considered financial or personal advice.


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