Deep Dive Into The Music & Art Category.

By liquid-mike | Deep Dives. | 12 Aug 2019


The following is a Deep dive into Music & arts tab on Publish0x {above}. There seems to be a lack of tipping in this category. Why is this? Could this be fixed organically? Should it? Let's take a closer look at the Music & Arts Category: 


The first post I analyzed was Living Now by @razelv. The photograph in the post has stunning lighting, exposure and composition. Overall its just an amazing portrait of someone. The post is only 4 hours old: But the 0.02 tipped still seems a bit low {above}. In fact upon investigation it seems that 90% of posts under Music & arts has a payout under 20 cents. I went through 4 days of posts and only found 1 post over 1$. This seems abnormal compared to other categories on publish0x.



The 2nd post I analyzed was Infrared Photography - Sun rising over the mountains by the lake by @solominer This post is absolutely incredible. The photography speaks for itself: There's multiple professional infrared photographs along with technical details like exposure information etc. This post is a day old with only 0.08 payout which is shocking compared to the amount of time this user must have  spent making this masterpiece of a publish0x post. 


The final piece i analyzed was Original Oil Painting on canvas: Windy day on Lake superior by @offgrid. This Publish0x post is also 1 day old with a current payout of $0.08. Let's speculate on WHY the Music & art category has such low payouts. The HIGHEST payouts ive seen on publish0x seem to be"meta" type posts A.K.A posts about the Publish0x ecosystem and the tokens there {this post would fit into the "meta" category.} I think overall this is a good thing that most successful posts are about publish0x itself: HOWEVER I believe if some of that tipping was directed towards high quality photography, creative writing, music ETC it would add a lot of value to the overall ecosystem and make publish0x a place where famous artists or talented up and comers could publish. Crypto could solve a lot of problems with self publishing, record contracts etc. Publish0x could easily be a part of that movement even while in beta.


What do you think about the future of music & art on publish0x?

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