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By DJOesch | Decentralized daddy | 12 Sep 2022


Hi Everyone

This is my first post in a very long time, and also my first post about Splinterlands. If seen and read (and tipped) a lot of authors posting about Splinterlands.

My post however is different, see I have been playing Splinterlands for over a year, I started playing when I heard about the SPS airdrop that will be coming. I threw in my $10 to buy the spell book, I also started slowly funnelling cash into Splinterlands over a period of time to get my airdrop points to a place where I can get my daily SPS when the airdrop started. And I've been doing that (the funnelling) ever since.

I got myself to the silver III league in a couple of weeks, and that is where I stayed for a very long time. Take into account, that I can't put $ 100s in every now and again so I took the scenic route and bought 1 or 2 card packs whenever I had the opportunity. Only recently I changed my strategy and finally moved to silver II.

Obviously, I'm not content with that and would like to get to Silver I and beyond. . .
So how do I do that?

I've been checking the marketplace regularly and trying to work out what the most sensible way would be to buy individual splinters that would give enough power to get from Silver II to Silver I. I have 59,010 power at the moment and need 10,990 to level up to Silver I.

10990 Power needed

To get from Silver III to Silver II I used the tactic of buying gold foil epic cards which give a nice chunk of power of 2500 per splinter and coming in at just under $4 per card. Later on, I started doing the math to see if I can find a more cost-effective way, so:

The Cheapest common splinter at the time of writing is the Ever-hungry skull at $0.01 It provides power of 5.
If we measure that against a gold foil epic card you'll need 2500/5 = 500 of these cards to get the same amount of power, at $0.01 which equals $5.00.

Ever-hungry skull

The cheapest rare splinter is the Vampiric blossom at $0.021, it provides power of 20, so 2500/20 = 125 cards x $0.021 each = $2.625.

Vampiric blossom

The cheapest epic splinter is Djinn Renova at $0.12 and provides power of 100, so 2500/100 = 25 cards x $0.12 each = $3.00.

Djinn Renova

The cheapest Legendary splinter is Djinn Biljka at $1.00 and provides 500 power, so 2500/500 = 5 cards at $1.00 each = $5.00

Djinn Biljka

AS I worked it out the cheapest of the bunch would be to purchase 125 Vampiric blossoms. . .
What would I do with 125 Vampiric blossoms?

I realized that sometimes you have to check out price/bcx as some of the higher-level cards are a bit cheaper per unit if already stacked/levelled up and I take that into consideration. At this stage, I am also considering waiting a couple of days for the Riftwatchers to launch and might purchase a couple of those packs.

What do you guys think about my math? Is there something I'm missing or an easier way to power up? Feel free to comment.
Also if you are in a giving mood, do consider sending some of your unwanted splinters over to a new loving home, my username is djoesch.

If you haven't joined Splinterlands yet, what are you waiting for? join here!

Thanks for  reading.

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