Coding crypto (in intro)

Full time Crypto - a prelude

By DJOesch | Decentralized daddy | 8 Jun 2021

Coding Crypto

Hi guys

Welcome to part one (the introduction) of a series of posts that will follow!


First a little back story: I bought my first Bitcoin in 2017 with all the hype around bitcoin, unaware of the basics of Crypto I didn't know what

I was doing, and didn't buy low and sell high, but rather bought near the top and enjoyed a nice fat dump not long after that.

a lot of people called Bitcoin dead and sold everything at the bottom, but I kissed my fiat goodbye and decided to keep the Bitcoin (just in case).

Obviously Bitcoin did rise in value again and I sold it later on (I can't remember how much later but I had more or less what I have put in.)

I didn't leave it at that though and started playing around with faucets for the little bit of crypto that I could gain without having to actually use my own hard earned money (I didn't know better at that time, otherwise I would have accumulated more by actually buying some with my fiat).


As from the the start of 2021 I started being more and more interested, and when Lockdown in South Africa started in March I used the time at home productively and tried learning more about crypto as well as starting to put cash in whenever I had any spare cash. I took a pro-active approach and used the lockdown to improve myself in every possible way seeing as I was stuck at home for quite some time, I took a crypto trading course, and that was the start of a major change in my approach on life and finances in general. In this way I am truly grateful for the lockdown as it gave me the opportunity to improve myself instead of finding excuses for the lack of opportunity seeing that I can't go to work.

If we look around us there is a lot of motivational stories that happened out of the unfortunate event of COVID19, one of my favorites (non crypto related) is a lady named Lauren (I happened to came across her Instagram profile) See Lauren jump . How is that for motivational?

I'm not taking I can't do that or reach that, or accomplish that as an excuse ever again!

Part of improving my crypto game up to now was to keep myself as informed as possible and learning about something crypto related every day, I watched videos, read articles on Medium and Publish0x (if you haven't joined publish0x do it now) and kept an eye on the markets.

I'm not rich or a millionaire yet, but I have managed to buy myself a new car this year and I am extremely proud of that!

Tough and stylish TUV300

As part of this journey I have decided that I would like to start working in crypto and this is my journey to get there. 

I have started learning programming in my spare time and the articles to follow this brief introduction will cover the basics over a time.

If you feel that you would like to work in crypto, or you're interested in coding and would like to also learn feel free to follow me on my journey!

If you haven't joined Binance yet, fee free to use the link, that is where I have made the majority of my money trading.


You can help me reach my dream by tipping, thank you for reading!

Here is to owning our future.

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I'm a people loving crypto enthusiast trying to learn something new every day.

Decentralized daddy
Decentralized daddy

a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, a father of two awesome sons, husband of a feisty red-head and while struggling with lockdown measures trying to stay fit.

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