Dai is now on Coinbase Earn!

By Optimist | Decentralised Finance | 22 Jun 2019

A quick public service announcement - Dai is now available on Coinbase Earn!

Dai needs little introduction as the most successful algorithmic stablecoin in the ‘Decentralised Finance’ space, with reams of detailed information online.

Coinbase as well has established itself as a secure and user friendly ‘on ramp’ to cryptocurrencies and many people have likely interacted with it due to the comparatively easy ways to purchase crypto with a credit card!

More recently, Coinbase has taken further steps to build its position as the de-facto on boarding service for cryptocurrencies with the introduction of ‘Coinbase Earn’ – a service that provides concise and informative videos, followed by quizzes, to educate users and help them earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. This is an amazing incentive to get people on board completely for free, and get a grasp of the potential uses and benefits of different blockchains.

The most recent addition has been Dai, which has steadily been gaining momentum and liquidity across the wider crypto space, not just Decentralised Finance! So head over to https://www.coinbase.com/earn and sign up to start earning Dai!


Once you’ve got your Dai, why not trade some of in for Ether and have a play with the Burner Wallet and xDai. Tell your friends as well, and on board them completely for free!

Other currencies are available on Coinbase earn. Be sure to check these all out as the pennies really do add up! If you are yet to earn your XLM on Coinbase Earn, I would be grateful if you used my link even if you have an existing account!

Get out there and spread the word about Dai and Coinbase Earn to show people algorithmic stablecoins and blockchain like it was always meant to be!

Thank you for reading, if you found this interesting and informative, please consider singing up using the link below:


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