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By Heath Muchena | Decentralised News | 25 Oct 2021

If you’ve ever heard of “free bitcoin,” you might have thought this would be almost impossible. But, with more and more people taking advantage of the numerous means available, it’s clear that the concept of “free money” doesn’t just apply to the regular, paper money system. Just as you can earn bonuses for using credit cards, purchasing certain items, or even patronizing a particular brand, cryptocurrency offers an equivalent of that.

There are myriad ways you can earn free bitcoin and boost your overall income as a crypto dealer. One of the most effective ways includes taking advantage of the bitcoin and crypto trade wallet you invest with from the onset. This is why carefully going through the pros and cons before choosing a crypto wallet is crucial. By using the right bitcoin wallet, you can immediately have the edge over other investors. You can gain access to various bonuses and even win prizes that can skyrocket your earnings.



Bitcoin wallets don’t just help you to store your coins; they do more. Some wallets have various techniques to help you multiply and increase your bitcoin and cryptocurrency earnings– absolutely for free. Obviously, everyone who rides on the back of a crypto horse does so to profit. And, one key factor that differentiates a good crypto and bitcoin wallet from the best one is the earning opportunities they provide. If you trade bitcoin in South Africa, you may be wondering what the best bitcoin wallet to trade and earn free coins is. The best bitcoin wallet will offer you huge earning opportunities besides offering top-notch protection and security for your coins. 

Undoubtedly, this is one key reason why ZenGo wallet supersedes other bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets. ZenGo leads the race on various grounds, including providing loads of earning opportunities and a highly secured wallet.

ZenGo wallet

ZenGo is a non-custodial, keyless crypto wallet. A unique feature that makes it the simplest yet most secure wallet to invest in cryptocurrency. With ZenGo, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about regarding earning free coins or even protecting and securing available coins. Here’s why–

1. It offers cashback on first purchases

If you’re buying bitcoin or cryptocurrency for the first time, it’s easy to feel nervous and be sceptical. But when you know there’s a bonus for taking that bold step towards intelligent financial investment; the whole process becomes way easier. ZenGo offers you $10 cashback on your first purchase as a token to welcome you to the board of winners. And, the process of going from zero to crypto is as easy as pie. In just three simple steps, you can get your share of ZenGo’s cashback bonus.

STEP 1: Set up your wallet
  • Download ZenGo on your smartphone
  • On the email screen, tap on “Tap here to enter your code” and use the code ZENX0B4G, then tap Apply
  • Make sure you see “Referral code applied” and continue signing up with your email
STEP 2: Buy cryptocurrency
  • Tap on Buy in the app
  • Purchase $200 or more
STEP 3: Sit back and relax
  • After your purchase is received, you’ll receive your Bitcoin cashback reward within a few days.
2) It gives you huge earnings from referrals

Your first purchase will give you $10 cashback when you follow the steps, no doubt. But another great way to earn even more free bitcoin is via referrals. Invite your friends and followers to join ZenGo and earn up to 50 per cent of ZenGo’s commission every time they buy cryptocurrency. Plus, your invitees also get to benefit from ZenGo’s first purchase cashback. To become a ZenGo referrer and earn free bitcoin, simply share your referral link. Do this in these 3 simple steps

  • Go to the Account screen
  • Tap on “Earn Free Crypto”
  • Tap on the “Invite” button or copy to share your referral code
3. ZenGo Savings

ZenGo’s savings is the typical example of making your money work for you. It was launched to help customers make passive income and increase their wealth in a quick, easy and secure way. ZenGo savings has become the go-to investment platform for crypto lovers making it the best bitcoin wallet out there. You can earn 4% APY on your Bitcoin, earn rewards by staking Tezos and more appealing offers on stable coins.

Savings is a service for anyone interested in earning extra money just by lending deposit cryptocurrency. Now in a few taps, you can earn daily interest and rewards. It’s the safest and simplest way to earn passive income in crypto.

4. It’s easy to use

One key reason why ZenGo is the best bitcoin wallet for investors and traders is its ease of use. Buying, selling, trading, and even earning bitcoin has never been more effortless. The best bitcoin wallet shouldn’t be another set of complicated tools. It should be simple, easy, and fast. Imagine the stress of filling pages of forms before owning a crypto wallet or even dealing with a slow crypto platform. Quite unimaginable. With ZenGo, it takes less than 19 seconds to own a bitcoin wallet and start trading.

5. It’s Versatile

Although bitcoin is the most popular and frequently traded coin, there are other coins that traders can also profit from. A good crypto wallet shouldn’t restrict your earning opportunities. Instead, it should increase them. ZenGo offers over 70 crypto assets, including bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin. This is another core reason why it sits on top of the list of the best crypto wallets.

That’s not all. Zengo wallet also offers the “Swap” feature which allows you to switch or trade one coin for another at any time.

 Smart investors take advantage of several crypto coins to boost their portfolios and earn more over time. ZenGo allows crypto dealers to trade with flexibility for its unmatched versatility.

6. It’s Highly secure

Passwords, private keys, and seed phrases are great for protecting crypto funds. But, they aren’t the best. One of their downsides is that they could be misplaced. And, if they get into the wrong hands, it can lead to huge financial loss. Luckily, ZenGo offers an innovative and effective solution to this security challenge. With facial biometrics, you wouldn’t have to worry about passwords and private keys anymore. Your crypto simply becomes keyless, and that’s a huge advantage for you. You can now truly have full control over your funds and have little to zero worry about theft.

7. It’s level of freedom

Crypto wallets often set minimums and maximums for transactions. This itself has been a huge challenge for high-profile traders and investors. ZenGo understands that there are basically different levels and categories of traders. Thus, it offers its users absolute freedom and control over transactions without extra fees. Users can send or receive any amount of bitcoin or other assets without having to worry about limitations as long as there are enough funds to cover the network fees. And yet, another mind-blowing reason why ZenGo is the best bitcoin wallet for you.

8. It’s unmatched customer support

Customer support plays a huge role in the success of any business. The pain of needing to solve a service glitch and not finding the needed support is simply indescribable. The best crypto wallet must have excellent customer support, hands down. And, since that’s exactly what ZenGo stands for, no other wallet beats ZenGo. Unlike some other bitcoin wallets that depend on AI to resolve virtually all customer complaints, ZenGo uses real human agents for customer support. Due to this, users can get a response in less than two minutes and be certain that their complaints are well resolved.

The comfort and convenience that trading on ZenGo brings are astounding. Not to mention the huge opportunities available on the platform for earning free bitcoin. If you’re looking for the best wallet to boost your earnings for free, ZenGo should be your go-to wallet.

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