Project NOLE launches a new website

Project NOLE launches a new website

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 2 Sep 2020


Project NOLE; an evolving project on TRON blockchain recently launched a brand new Website. While the products within the ecosystem already had their respective websites the community always wanted a Hub site where information about all various endeavors could be accessed.

Kevin; the founder and CEO of project NOLE always believes in ‘community first’ approach and in continuation towards execution of this principle he ensured that the expectations of the community are met at the earliest.


What you can find on this website:

  • Information about crypto trading exchange: NoleX.
  • Information about the upcoming MMO gaming Dapp: NoleLegends.
  • Update about all the Philanthropy initiatives conducted.
  • A section dedicated to Very Integral Part (VIP) community members with links to articles published about them.
  • Introduction to the team behind Project Nole with articles on team members.
  • Roadmap explaining the future growth path.
  • News section about latest media coverage.
  • Information and updates about the underlying tokens: $NOLE and $AMSK.
  • A FAQ section.
  • A new Vendor section where NOLE can be used as a mode of payment.

Below is the link to the new website:

The website will undergo continuous development as the project evolves. The primary objective it that it gives complete information to all the visitors about the complete ecosystem in just a matter of few minutes.

For more updates please visit:

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