NoleX Trading event goes live today

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 15 Sep 2020



Crypto trading exchange for TRON tokens: NoleX is launching a new trading event which will go live in just about 1 hour from now. Here are the basic criteria of the event:

  • Top 100 based on TRX trade volume will be rewarded $AMSK and $WRLD tokens as per their rank.
  • Top 20 will additionally win 100 $TRX each.
  • Top 100 will additionally win 3 $NOLE each.
  • Both buying and selling volume in TRX will be considered.
  • Trading of all tokens listed as TRX pair will be considered.
  • The event starts on 15th September, 12:00 GMT and ends on 21st September, 12:00 GMT
  • The rewards will be credited to the winner's N-Wallet in 7 days after the ending of the event.
  • Wash trading will be removed.


In case you don't have an account yet; you can signup at in less than 3 seconds by using TronLink extension or TronWallet/Klever browser(Android).

For more details you can visit: or



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