Letter to NoleFamily

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 25 Oct 2020


Greetings NOLE Family,

We recently celebrated our 2nd birthday and I wanted to thank everyone who contributed in this journey to bring is to the level we are today. It has been a roller coaster ride in the last couple of years and through this letter I wanted to share my views about the NOLE Journey.

In the last couple of years we witnessed a lot of good progress; starting off with just a small telegram group of 10-20 people 2 years back to having a community in many countries across the globe the community has grown into thousands of users. We were successful in conducting quite a few charity events, we got a working product in NoleX already serving our users and an epic NoleLegends at its last stage of delivery. In the last couple of years a lot of good things happened to the Nole Ecosystem in form of exchange listing, media coverage, coin gecko/blockfolio listing, merchandise etc but the most important thing which happened to NOLE in the last 2 years is YOU (the community). It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have met all of you and today apart from the project I have so many friends in form of you all across the globe.

We in the last couple of years also had our share of challenges: from being attacked by a particular group way back in early 2019 to DDOS and Hack attacks on NoleX, to fighting FUD because the value of NOLE didn’t grow 100X and we couldn’t make some investors millionaires overnight, to fighting impostor attacks, FUD due to creating a CEX not a DEX, FUD due to not accepting charity proposals where we felt there might be some dubious intent involved, to challenges created because we didn’t say yes to demands, to big investor takeover attempt, to months of communications with tron to get listed on polonidex. However every challenge made us stronger and better prepared for the future. Every challenge made us more fearless to face the fudders and the credit for that goes to the community which stood with us during our challenging times and supported what is Right. A shout-out to all of you who support us through your logical reasoning and understanding of the practical aspects of a blockchain project.

We strongly believe in the Law of Karma; that group which attacked us is no where to be seen now; 90%+ projects which started at the same time as us or later exited. We survived because we had YOU supporting us and had good intentions to deliver.

It takes decades to build an epic project and we don’t shy away from saying that we are no where close to global big companies….yet. We are not Apple or Microsoft today; yet our Endeavor is to reach similar status in long term future. We acknowledge that we are not perfect; we do make mistakes; like for eg delay in launch of NoleLegends and I forsee we as humans will make mistakes in future too. However what’s important for us is to learn from those mistakes and try to improve the offerings.

Our guiding principle has been to deliver value for our supporters and we will continue moving forward with that INTENT. We know the fact that we cannot satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time; but our intent will be to ensure value is delivered to maximum of our community members; for eg NETH is one such initiative which helps in increasing the portfolio dollar value of our TRUE HODLers. We will keep coming up with such initiative which benefits the majority.

We are not fortune teller that we can predict the future but we believe in action so we will keep innovating and trying out new ideas. Some will work, some wont but in the insight we will gain either increased valuation or increased knowledge or both.

I will sign-off this letter with thanking you all again for believing and my promise is that we will continue delivering value to the best of our capacity and long term supporters will WIN.



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