Justin Sun coming up with a major announcement for TRON

By Deba215 | DebsCorner | 2 Jan 2021


Justin Sun recently took to twitter about a major announcement coming up for TRON. While Justin who earlier used to make a lot of Announcement of announcements has off-late changed his marketing strategy of delivering updates and surprises by not making any pre-announcements. He did so when he had the famous lunch with Mr Warren Buffett or when he made the Samsung announcement. So this announcement has started to build a bit of curiosity in the crypto space.

The market so far is cautious though with this and are waiting for the news to come out before taking a direction towards some short term bull or bear sentiment. While it is still speculative but Justin did drop a hint in a recent live stream that it is not a new product or a new token announcement. He further went on to say that it is going to be a 'partnership news' with one of the major corporation based out of Asia which will help increase TRON usage and adoption.

The upcoming news sounds to be exciting because Justin sounded very confident with the upcoming partnership and it's potential to help TRON increase it's adoption drive. It is also exciting to watch this news unfold since after a long time Justin has done such an announcement.

The news is expected to be released sometime next week. Let's see what it brings on the table? Do share your guesses about which company this partnership could be with.

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