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Puppies Playing

By ervin-lemark | Dear Diary | 7 Feb 2021

I met these two furballs of energy while running down from Rašica yesterday in the morning.

They completely ignored me, so immersed in their play they were.

And off they went to a careless future ...


Second in a row.

Again, the @actifit count was well off the real number.

Eh, it's not important any longer.

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Better and better

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Husband, father, dog person, recreational runner, loves to travel, IT pro. Fascinated by old and new, from Oracle to blockchain and everything in between.

Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Daily rumblings. Maybe, not every day. It's a bag to throw stuff into that doesn't fit in any other blog ... If you dare, follow how my life meanders through subjective reality. Or is it illusion*

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