Algorand developer tools/Community projects: How to use them in/for your project.

Algorand developer tools/Community projects: How to use them in/for your project.

By Ddev | Ddev@ALgorand | 1 Dec 2020


If you ever lived in an era where you create an application from the scratch, you would probably have had several nightmares before you finally get the application/software running. Technology advancement accelerates how things are being hence one need to keep up with the trends. Algorand as a technology company with the support of developers and non-developers community work relentlessly to bring possible nightmares in developing a decentralized applications to the least of its occurrence. With the support of the community, Algorand developers can quickly get projects deployed without much hassle. 

In this article, we will consider an in-depth research into these community-built tools, what they do and how you can use them to your advantage to get decentralized applications running on the Algorand blockchain. 


  • EXPLORER , as the name implies, provides a search path through which the Algorand blockchain can be examined or looked into. It serves as a block explorer to fetch critical statistics relating to the network and among all check transaction histories, asset information, addresses and so on.
    • AlgoExplorer is an API service built by RAND LABS serving as an endpoint for Algod operations and AlgoExplorer. It is very useful for viewing and extracting data easily while allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your project.
      • What is an API?

                            An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that connects two applications to each other to enable mutual communication. Think of it as a messenger that goes around based on the path you have specified, delivers your request to the targeted provider and returns a feedback called response from the provider. Algoexplorer does the same in the background while you interact with the UI.

fig 1.0


From the image:

  • (1) - Lets you toggle the button to switch between Algorand networks i.e Mainnet or Testnet or BetaNet.
  • (2) - Displays up to date the circulating supply of ALGO token.
  • (3) - Shows total immutable amount of ALGO token that can be supplied in the token lifetime.
  • (4) - Latest block of recent transactions that has just been mined. Note: A block is a container housing a couple of transactions which contains a reference to the previous block except for the genesis block which has no previous block hence contains only reference to the next block of transactions.
  • (5) - Quick data search using either an address, transaction ID, group transaction ID, Block number, Asset name and Asset ID.
  • (6) - Current price of ALGO. If you are building a decentralized token market or related project, you may find this very useful.
  • (7) - Shows most recent transaction speed of the current block in the chain. It represents block finality time on the Algorand network. You would often find this between 4 and 5 seconds thus satisfying the reliability of Algorand's transaction completion and speed. 
  • (8) - Displays the most recent transactions being added to the block while the latest block shown on the left side.

fig 1.1


To view assets running on the Algorand blockchain, click on the asset tab under the search column as displayed in fig 1.1 . It gives structured information about each token such as the asset ID, asset name, unit, URL, create, manager etc. To view more detail, click on the coin name.


See other things you can do with the Algoexplorer tool such as reward calculator, super staking rewards, Algorand testnet and betanet dispensers, Teal editor that lets you quickly checkmate your smart contract codes. 


Working the Algorand APIs is easily accessible using this tool. If yet you are confused about something, watch the live demo pasted below. You may leave comment (s) in the comment section below. 


As a developer, you should consider applying for the Algorand's ongoing 250M grant program


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