Win 10 $HIVE Tokens >> The Weekly Challenge >> From D.Buzz (ROUND 127)

Win 10 $HIVE Tokens >> The Weekly Challenge >> From D.Buzz (ROUND 127)

By DBuzz | D.Buzz | 13 Dec 2022

Monday Challenge from D.Buzz
>> Round 127 << | >> Win 10 HIVE <<

Hello, friends.

Snowmen are the ethereal guardians of the holiday season. They come to life with blankets of snow, standing tall and proud, and with a smile of joy on their frosty faces. They watch over us, eliciting fond memories of winter past and kindling anticipation for the festivities to come. They remind us of the pure joy of the season and the sheer delight of building something with our own hands. They remind us of the magic of the holidays, and the special bond of family and friends. Snowmen are the true keepers of the holiday spirit, and will always be a cherished part of winter.

As we enter an age of ever-increasing digital content and experiences, it's important to remember that some of the most beloved holiday traditions of generations past still have a place in our lives. One of these traditions, of course, is the beloved snowman. While the real thing may be fleeting in the digital age, never fear - we now have digital snowmen to help keep the holiday spirit alive! From computer screens to smartphones, these digital snowmen will bring the same joy and cheer that we've experienced through the years while also providing new and exciting ways to celebrate this particular time of year.

This week, it's about spreading holiday cheer with the most festive and creative digital snowman!

Get creative and decorate your snowman with all the bells and whistles you can think of. Go big and make your snowman as grand and jolly as possible. Use your favorite colors, add a top hat, a scarf, some mittens, and a carrot nose!

When your snowman is complete, please share it on DBuzz using the hashtag #DigitalSnowman.

Whoever creates the most impressive digital snowman will be in the running to win a special holiday prize! So get your supplies ready and craft your own digital snowman to spread holiday joy!


A hot and sexy snowman indeed!


Today's challenge

Gather around and get ready to have some fun - it's time to build a digital snowman! Now is your chance to get creative and have a blast while celebrating the holidays. Use your imagination to design the perfect snowman. Below, you will find the template to use. Download that, edit it as you want, then upload it again.


It's easy and fun, so get to make some holiday cheer!

Let's make this a day (or week) to remember!

This week's challenge

At some point in the next six days…

  • In a post on D.Buzz, edit the blank snowman to make a snowman that you think is EPIC. Upload that and tell us a bit about it.
  • Hashtag that post with #DigitalSnowman
  • Post a link to your buzz in a comment below.
  • Buzz to Twitter for an extra high-five from us! ;)

Thank You


  • After seven days (the following Monday, at some point), we will select a winner from all valid entries.
  • We will then make an announcement post on Monday and tag you.
  • The prize will be sent to the winner soon after the winner is announced.
  • No follow or upvote is required to join.

What is the prize?

  • The prize is 10 HIVE sent to you.

Last week’s winner!

All hail the Ninja dog of the week! :D

Thank you for playing!

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Just comment below.

- The D.BUZZ


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