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Hi friends of D.Buzz 😃.


We have reached Friday safe and sound, and @lauramica is the one who greets you today. If you have been following the World Cup matches, you will know that it has been a week full of emotions. Many results are being unthinkable! What about you guys, do you like this sporting event 😃?

As every Friday, thank you very much for participating in this color contest and posting your colorful finds. Everyone is invited to participate, don't miss it! ❤️

As a reminder to all D.Buzz friends, the objective of this challenge will be to upload a photo of something that is the proposed color each week. This something can be whatever you want: an object, an animal, a landscape, whatever comes to mind. The main condition will be that the color occupies more than 75% of the image, that is, that it prevails over all the others that may appear in the photo. Let's see what colorful things you can find 😃!

This week of the Color Photo Contest was the turn of the color BLACK, and several black things have appeared: backlit silhouettes, objects, paintings, landscapes, hair 😃. Personally, I love the color black to use in clothes: I'm sure that 80% of my outfits are black. I hope you liked this color as much as I did 💕!

In the week of the color black, our prize goes to our friend @tawadak24! This user shared with us a professional photo of a model wearing black clothing on a black background. A difficult task if you don't want to miss any detail, but with the right lighting and great photography skills the shot was perfect. It sure was a challenge to do this photo shoot, but you handled it very well. Congratulations 😃!


Photo Credit: @tawadak24



Congratulations @tawadak24 for being the winner of the color BLACK week ❤️!



If you want to visit this post, you can do it here 😃.


Now it's time to continue with a new round of our contest and it will be the turn of the GOLDEN color. This color characterized by its brightness, refers to abundance, well-being and prosperity. The color of gold, related to wealth, can make anyone happy, especially if it is about real gold 😅.


What comes to mind when you think of the color GOLD? Let's see what new things appear with this week's color.






Conditions of the challenge


  • In a post on D.Buzz (https://d.buzz/), share with us an image showing us whatever you want to be GOLD. This color should occupy 75% of the image and stand out from the other colors. Put together your publication in the most attractive way possible!

  • Tag that post with #dbuzzcolorchallenge.

  • Post a D.Buzz link in a comment below.

  • Interact with at least two users who are also participating in this challenge.

  • You have 6 days to upload and share your entry.




  • The prize is 10 HIVES for the best entry.

Contest friendly reminder: make sure you complete all conditions for your post to be eligible for this prize, all requirements will be verified when choosing the winner. The post must be published through the D.Buzz interface. Do not forget to leave the link of your participation in this post and if you participate very early in the game, come back a couple of days later to find more people who have also joined! 😃


The main objective of this challenge is that you have fun sharing the images you like and make new friends. Let's see what GOLD things we find this week 🙂.



Thank you for being part of the Colors Photo Contest of @dbuzz ❤️!



I wish you all a good weekend 😃!

With love.



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