BCN Daytrade Trick

How today trade bytecoin and make some easy profit

Bytecoin is a natural currency for the day trade, we all know, it is always on sale at one exchange much cheaper than the other, which always guarantees one or the other very easy profit.
What you may not know is that there is one exchange in particular that always, I repeat: ALWAYS keeps the BCN at an incredible $ 0.00022 - $ 0.00025 and 26.7 - 26.9 sats, which gives a really surprising margin, since the BCN is found being bought easily to 33 satoshis in the others. This exchange is GATE. Choose well whether to use Tether or Bitcoin and make an easy profit in day trade.
Follow links:

Buy cheap here:
Sell ​​here at 3.3sats:

Of course, at Poloniex and TradeOgre maybe 2 months from now you will be able to sell to 4sats, but that is not the purpose of the day trade, and surely in the meantime you have already done more than that even at 33 by repeating the process.

ps: It's not just BCN, other assets are easily found cheaper or with other anomalies in this place, also other day trade options.

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Day trade and other Crypto Tricks

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